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Are MERMAIDS fit to be trusted?

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Shamus The Brute

~ Mates...

Oye! Yesterday afternoon, I had the fortunate privilege to watch Disney's POTC 4 - "On Stranger Tides," movie ;).

As I sat amongst the dark...eating popcorn in my theatre seat...

...several things had occurred to me; ONE thing unexpected & dead for certain now!

*You see...I think that (after watching the movie)...
I am...well, a chicken of the sea now.
Aye! By mentioning the word "chicken," I mean that I am both_scared & a little reluctant to enter the waters of the ocean. (This is unfortunate since...on POTCO...I pride the majority of my pirates as each remaining a 'sea dog' & not a landlubber at heart).

Without mentioning anything specific pertaining to the movie, what surprised me the most was the fact that mermaids can both remain beautiful & dangerous at the same time.
Hmmm...this reminds me of a few pirates I know, lol.

Avast! IF you haven't done so yet...
...GO watch the movie!

After you have done so, please answer the poll above & let's discover how you compare with me onesy in whether or not mermaids are in be trusted.

Now, where is that monkey???

I desperately want to shoot something!!!



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Oh geez Shamus...

Was NOT expecting that jacko lisa??!? o_o!
That "Jacko-lisa" is a MASTERPIECE! Love it! :D
And your "You're welcome" signature is epic, Shamus ... :excited:
And btw, I really, truly would like mustache as a permanent collection in my inventory. I seriously am going to send a feedback to Disney Potco about this. I think a mustache just makes a pirate lass look prettier, for some reason.

Yes, I know ... for the twentieth times, I'm weird ...