Me Pirate Life

John Bluefish

I was an upstanding member of me community. A practitioner of commerce by trade, me hearties. And then one fine day some three years back, I received a message from a friend that he had set up shop in the Caribbean hamlet of Port Royal and asked if I wanted to come in with him as an investor. Always lookin' for a little adventure, I set sail from me home port to meet up with him. Along the way, I was blocked and boarded by a corrupt EITC Captain who took me goods as payment and advised me that if I set up shop in these parts, I'd be payin' him for protection. He let me go with just the shirt on me back and me boat. When I arrived in Port Royal, I complained to the magistrate, asking for a little help from the Navy and he threw me in the stinkenest jail I ever did see for vagrancy. It was there that Jack Sparrow convinced me that the life of a pirate was the best life for me. His mates came and broke him out of jail and in the melee I lost track of him but he said if I ever wanted to join up, to come see him in Tortuga. Well mates, I did and now three years hence I am a respectable businessman part of the time and a gentleman pirate the rest of the time. The EITC and the Navy know not of my legitimate business interests. Me friend runs our tradin' operation and no one knows the better of it.

I am pleased to help likeminded pirates whenever I can. If ye ever need help, just call on John Bluefish.
One more thing. I was mindin' me business one day, when Carlos contacted me out of the blue and invited me to join Spania. What I liked about that is that he said that he wanted me to join and asked me personally. I really liked the idea of structure—primarily the rules. I have been a member of many guilds these three some year and by far, Spania is the finest group of mates on the main.
Love you story, John. You have proven to be a very helpful pirate to me. Thank you! Proud to call ye me mate!
Mr. Bluefish as an officer in Spania may i say welcome aboard to Spania.... and yes it is rare that such a group gathers (Spania Guild)... and for most of the Founder members have been calling it a breath of fresh air... and aye that it be mate.. so sorry to hear about the EITC blokes mate they tend to get a little twitchy around the ears when they meet ppl (pirates) such as yourself and most of your mates here in Spania so soak up the rays mate and great story...
Me business partner and meself now have offices in Port Royal and Kingshead. Imagine, Kingshead, right under the noses of the Navy and them EITC crooks. Now we are negotiating for space on Tortuga.:cool: