Me Pirate Videos So Far


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It hasn't been long since i started making videos from pirates online. Actually hasn't been long since i made videos at all in my life lol other than picture slideshow with family, etc. I Hope you like 'em!

HD of course for best Quality

Pirates online SvS, Now with infamy!

POTCO: Pirates Take Over

POTCO: The Bounty Hunters!

Will be making more in the future...

Shamus The Brute

Leo...I am impressed. "Epic" job mate :D. I particular like the second video w/the POTC intro. song & also, the posse of ships lined up together in unison to make a stand against the threat of Bounty Hunter ships.

*The third video has this "shot" (taken at 0:44 to 0:52) from the cannoneer's point of view that...I swear...was done by a professional. was that good, mate. No fooling!
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