Me Story How I Became A Pirate And How I Got Me Name

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Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate
Oh yes...i can hardly remeber that day i was sitting in me desk in me ship the golaith all dressed in a fancy red suit with a long red coat with golden buttons anda triangle hat i was in the captains cabin for those who dont get it yet XD reading a map of the caribbean then i heard (boom boom) a man entered with a fast steps and sAid lord valient we have the queen ann under our cannons and its shooting us shall i give orders so i said yes strike her... And the battle went on untill the q. Anne fell apart so we landed grappling hooks and climbed in my crew was fierce and strong and we kept fighting ,i saw bkackbeard at tge top deck giving orders to his men i approached him and put my sword in front of his face and evrything turned black lol, i woke up in a filthy jail unlike the normal jails and i was all alone not even a guard so i yelled for help and said get me out of here im lord valient captine of the golaith and head of the navy, then i heared a whisper shhh not gonna help i said show your self he said wow rake it easy and he came from that streem of mist saying ahoy tgere my name is jack o stack and yer in a pirate prison but dont worry i aint gonna let ye hang ill save ye and he kicked tge door open i told him i need a sword and he gave me his he said but return it after we got out he said meet me friend jack sparrow and i know. Jack wanted for 15 bloody years suddenly came some EITC gunners and started throing knives at us i killed him and took his sword and gave it to ostack and told him i just killed an innocent man and liked it is that how free pirates feel all the time i wanna be a pirate sparrow said: welcome aboard what was yer name again i said val... VALENTINE his name is Valentine said jack o' stack (and thats how i got my name they took me to a war frigate and introduced me to thems mates misty moonlight brianna raven and many more and said welcome to our crew and added me to thems guild spania

Thats my story hope ye like it please comment thanks
great story Capn
nicely done mate
One more thing i forgot to say in the story qfter i entered spania i went to sleep and i woke up a week earlier (does that ring a bell) then i happned to say molly ironscarlet (one of me favourites) with a big party of spaniards i told her tore add me and she did(thanks mollyyy) then i went to sleep and again woke up a year erlier and kept lookin for spaniards fohours and found jack ostack as soon as he logged in (and he was the firs spaniard to log in after the reset and said lets wait for catn starr to log in and then she did and added me again (thanks jackue n starrrr) and we all libed happily ever after lol