Meet Up For 2/23/11

I was there too, me and Emily Waveprint got our butts kicked by Igor (you are the master at pvp AND cannon defense) then we went to catacombs and fought the undead boss in there (can't remember the name). Soon after that, some of us tried to hit the treasure fleets on quiet server and Basil was sunk a couple of times, even with Igor's help. I had to log off somewhere in that time period so I dunno what happened after fleet, if anything.
EITC Conqueror and a few Tyrants were going down! Great Capt and great crew! I'd do it again with you guys!
screenshot_2011-02-23_18-23-46.jpg screenshot_2011-02-23_18-23-55.jpg screenshot_2011-02-23_18-25-20.jpg