Meet Up On Live

Basil Darkratte

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Here are some pics of our meet up today!


Boss Battle With the Forums!


Here they are lol


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I have a BUNCH of them. Here they are ...
screenshot_2011-02-22_17-05-40.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_17-20-51.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_17-22-06.jpg
John and I matched colors ... ;)
Now we took a dive on the beach, and Idk what Tom Edgehound was doing to Basil ... :p
Um, he did it to Ben too to begin with ...
screenshot_2011-02-22_17-33-26.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_17-34-16.jpg
EDIT (Feb 22, 2011 at 5:19 PM):
Then we went to recover the Black Pearl ...screenshot_2011-02-22_17-43-30.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_17-43-59.jpg
And always ... always, we had to run around outside the ship first, Idk what we were doing ...
screenshot_2011-02-22_17-45-41.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_17-45-43.jpg before finally we 'found' our cannon screenshot_2011-02-22_17-46-12.jpg
EDIT (Feb 22, 2011 at 5:23 PM):
Back on the beach ...
You just have to read the convo at the bottom left hand side to know the story.
I looked like a highlighter! screenshot_2011-02-22_17-50-13.jpg
Basil just wouldn't 'cooperate' ...
screenshot_2011-02-22_18-00-28.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_18-00-53.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_18-10-28.jpg screenshot_2011-02-22_18-10-30.jpg
Last one, when Chris and James finally showed up, we went to form a fleet. Every one of us took our own ship. Neat!
That was a great event, Solomon as usual made me laugh a lot, that idiot Will Cabinskull was semi-amusing, and I am now friends with a lot of the most notorious pirates in the Caribbean. When we formed our fleet, chaos erupted, I mean we kept smashing into each other cause we were attempting a straight line. Anyway, I took a couple of screenshots:



Jade: BASIL!!
Basil: Ok, Ok lol

That was a funny moment!

Well, actually you just have to read the convo before that ...
Everybody was getting tired of just standing there, and I couldn't take a pic, cause everybody was glaring, but YOU (yes, you, Basil!) just wouldn't glare ... And Igor was dancing away too! Btw, I had taken a pic, but of course, you were the only one not glaring ...

So I asked you again to get in line, and you ... (yes, you again! :rolleyes:) just went to the back of the line for whatever reason ... Had to call you like 3 times before you finally get in the line and did what we all did!
Geez, Basil ... so bad! :arrrrr:
Hey by any chance, does anyone know what that guy's problem was? The guy that was screaming and talking about taking one of us to court or something like that?