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Meetup Spotlight: High Rollers Club
Posted by William Ironmenace

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Oy! Get ye’ feet off that table, dog! An’ get a coaster under that drink! That there be th’ finest cherry wood in Port Royal! Somebody paid a pretty penny for it, I’m sure.

If ye’ gonna’ Meetup in th’ High Rollers Club, show some class! This ain’t some rum dive on th’ docks, so mind ye’ P’s and Q’s!

Now that some a’ you pirates are trying to act respectable, where else better than my establishment? This is as close to a palace as most of ye’ lot will ever be in.

Let me pours ye' a drink from our spirit selection and Phillipe Gaston there will play ye' a tune. Ye’ can find us when you use your Lobby (L) Menu and pick High Rollers Club from the Meetup or Parlor Games menus.

Invite ye' mates to come along. Jus’ be sure they wipe their filthy boots off first! Ye' know how hard it is to get jack tar out of an oriental rug!?

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