Members Vs. Guests

Sven Ironwalker

Site Founder
Seems like for the past few days every time I log on I see that the the number of guests are outnumbering the members up to about 3 to 1.

I dont really see the forum as a scary place. If you were the one of the types that stayed as a guest as an extended period of time.... Why the fear of becoming a member? or What cases people to not become members and be perpetual guests?
Admittedly the majority of what's appearing as guests is the result of site monitoring that checks to ensure the site is up every minute from different random locations around the world. In the case the site is unreachable, we receive immediate notification.

[Extra information: User sessions are counted online for 15 minutes from their last page load, so if you look at guests there will usually be 15+ as a result.]

It may be good to point them to a blank file so they are not counted as guests but still help us make sure the site is online. I will add that to the todo list :)