Mermaids on their way!!

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Captain Hi

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i dont think ill be doing that i look strange without a hat or is it just that i barely ever not wear a hat is why i think its weird and no one has rly seen me without it


Honorable Pirate
First of all mermaids and mermen are cool. They usually have the human half of a fitness model. All that constant swimming and cardio will do that to you ;) Second, I think mermaids would totally fit in POTCO. But, fishing for mermaids...I don't know probably be more like they would be fishing for you instead lol.


Jeremiah Edghogge

Anybody who wants me to, I am an average photoshopist and I could edit a picture to give them tails, sea shell apparel, etc. Just leave a response with a picture of your charecture from the knees up. -Jerry
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