Michael Jackson The Experience

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
So, we just got this game for Kinect. It has been out on the Wii for a while know, not sure about PS3. My family and I decided to check out the options in the game. We of course went to the MJ School. We soon realized that we're in for a tough tough tough tough learning period with this game. Obviously dance is not easy, and to me, its a sport. lol. However, I am very much looking forward to learning the dances to MJ's songs and losing weight too!

If any of you have tried this game, or even have it, post here about your Experience. First dance I'm gonna learn: Thriller!!


I have kinect, but it needs space, I have thegame that comes with kinect, and kinect Sports, and im waiting for Star Wars to come out to. And maybe Michael P.
Of course im going to fail if I try to dance like Mj. lol
Lol, no joke about the failing! I'm NOT gonna be good at it, but if I can at least do ok, then that is accomplishing something.