Minecraft BungeeCord Server, Hub/Lobby, 2 Survival Worlds, SkyBlock, and a Creative World

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    We invite players of all ages and skill levels to Come and Join us at Purely Devilish. We have a hard-working, 100% adult staff constantly striving to make this server the best Minecraft experience possible. Our server features:

    BungeeCord MineCraft versions: 1.8.x - 1.13.1

    - Hub/Lobby - /server shows the worlds you can connect to.
    /server creative
    /server survival12
    /server skyblock
    /server hub
    /server survival13

    - 1.12.2 Survival - Our 1.12.2 world has a variety of handy plugins making the survival experience unique.

    -1.13.1 Survival - Our 1.13.1 world is a less plugin oriented survival experience with all the new features.

    - Skyblock - (Survive on a floating island up in the sky. Try to expand, compete in challenges, and compete for the top island. )

    - Creative - Come show off your building skills in our creative flat world.

    Our Minecraft Server: PurelyDevilish.mc-srv.com

    Our Website: https://purelydevilish.enjin.com/

    Discord: Link of the server can be found on this thread.

    Events Monthly!! and Giveaways on Discord for a great gaming experience!

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