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Which Mini Game Do You Like The LEAST?

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Basil Darkratte

Site Founder
So which of these mini games you like the least?
EDIT (Jan 18, 2011 at 5:11 PM):
Cannon Defense here. mostly because you can't save you lvl. And It's hard to aim!

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
Ship repair is okay because it lets you sail longer but it is hard to do so and if you don't "hide"our ship it i blasted away by enemy ships.

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
Ship repair because it's so annoying when you repair the ship, but then the driver decides to take on three ships at a time and nearly sinks the ship.


Site Founder
Ship repair.. Definitely..
I LOVE cannon defense and it's easy to aim when you warm up alot :D


Site Founder
I hate fishing.. potions are not too much fun either because you have to reach certain level to see new ones.. so that is annoying, but in general I like them I think some what of a tetris game. Cannon defense, I don't play it much but I think it is nice.. ship repair?>. hmm..

Will Nightwolf

Legendary Pirate
Site Founder
I fell in love with cannon defense when I found out how easily you can get a famed from it. I mean that makes sense I'm addicted to famed and it gives 'em out pretty easily.

shark thunder theif

Honorable Pirate
ugh repair it is either to easy or to hard and u never get enough money what is the point besides fixing ur ship i mean really what other reason is it here for