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Ahoy folks, and welcome to my guide on the Raven's Cove Story Quest.


⛔DISCLAIMER: This Questline is unlocked for any pirate among hitting Level 30. You will be unable to obtain the quest prior.
I. You are not required to do any pre-requisite Quests, including Weapon Unlocks, to be able to start Raven's Cove.

Step 1: Talk to Jack Sparrow.
(For anyone interested in the actual story, I would recommend reading his dialogue instead of skipping straight through.

Step 2: Sail to Raven's Cove.
Raven's Cove can be found to the direct Northwest of Cuba, which can be easily accessed by completing your Cuba Teleportation Totem.

Step 3: Make your way to the Town inside the heart of Raven's Cove.
Upon arriving, talk to the NPC Crazy Ned to begin doing your part on the cursed island.

Step 4: Help the Raven's Cove Ghosts:


Found back down the incline from the main town where you meet Crazy Ned, you will find a number of abandoned buildings, one of which will house our first friendly spirit that needs assistance.

Inside her own reside, Widow Threadbarren's favor is hard earned, and upon talking to her, she will request for you to remove a number of Jolly's skeleton menaces from the waters of the Caribbean. In specific, she'll want you to defeat..

5 Storm Reapers,
5 Phantoms,
& 7 Revenants.

Storm Reapers
are a fairly common spawn around the islands of Raven's Cove itself, as well as Isla Perdida and Padres Del Fuego.

Phantoms can be found commonly encircling Cuba, Driftwood Isle, and Isla Tormenta, as well as sometimes drifting toward Isla Perdida as well.

Finally, Revenants are a fairly common sighting around the SvS Islands of Ile d'Etable de Porc & Isla de la Avaricia, as well as occasionally being found near Rumrunner's Isle.

⚠WARNING: If you are inexperienced in sailing, or do not have an adequate ship to take on these War Frigates on your lonesome, it is recommended to ask for help, as they are tough to take down for unlevelled Sailing & Cannons!

After you've bargained the materials gathered from Jolly Roger's ships, head back to Crazy Ned to be able to continue helping the spirits.


Your second spirit to assist will take you into the heart of the small town of Raven's Cove. As you enter coming from the dock, to the left will be a manor of sorts, rugged, but standing. Walk inside via the door on the left side, and you will be greeted with your next damsel.

Upon entering, you will meet Señor Fantifico! Desperate as the poor man is, save him, he requests you to speak with Tia Dalma within the Pantano River in Cuba's bayou.

Upon speaking to the Voodoo Enchantress among the waters of Cuba, you will be tasked with recovering a few odd items, specifically:

6 Twisted Roots from Twisted Stumps,
10 Giant Bladders from Huge Alligators,
& 8 Fat Chickens from Navy Dreadnoughts.

Twisted Stumps
can be found exclusively on Outcast Isle, a hellscape of barren land found just Southeast of Cuba.
⚠: It is recommended to find a friend to help if you are doing this portion at Level 30, as the enemies on Outcast can scale into the high 40's.

Huge Alligators are rather easy to find, found either in the swamp to the East of Tortuga, known as the Misty Mire, or in El Sudoron inside of Padres Del Fuego.
(Generally, I'd recommend Misty Mire as it's less of a walk to arrive.)

And finally, Navy Dreadnoughts can be found preying on vessels surrounding Padres Del Fuego, Kingshead, Isla Tormenta, & Outcast Isle.
(My typical routine is to sail from place to place for the Stumps and Gators, and typically you'll find nearly enough of these ships before you finish the quest.)

Once you're done with all these odd requests, return to Tia Dalma. From her, she will give you a specific chant that you must say to have this special potion work correctly. Once you've got it down, head back to Señor Fantifico once again and say the magic works, and then it's lights out on the second spirit of Raven's Cove.


Onto the third spirits of Raven's Cove, you will be tasked with visiting Clubheart Tavern, which will be on the right side of the town entering from the docks.

Upon entering, the resident owners of the tavern Ben and Sadie Clubheart will be awaiting your arrival. The family request you to visit an old friend at a getaway in Rat's Nest, Tortuga and take back their losses from the grubby hands of those inside. Here's the problem.

To enter the getaway in Rat's Nest, you are required three pieces of clothing that closely resemble the Clubhearts in their mortal, corruptible states.

For Male Pirates, you are required to purchase:

Straw Explorer Hat from Truehound's Tailor Shop on Port Royal,
Flap Long Sleeve from Isaiah Callecutter's Shop on Tortuga,
& 44 Doubloon Breeches from Dolores Tailoring Shoppe on Padres Del Fuego.

For Female Pirates, the garb to fit your fancy would be:

Woodland Top from Truehound's Tailor Shop on Port Royal,
Candybox Skirt from Seamstress Anne's Shop on Tortuga,
& Forest Knee Boots from Dolores Tailoring Shoppe on Padres Del Fuego.

Upon obtaining the appropriate clothing, head over to Rat's Nest, Tortuga to find the little rundown shack in the very corner of the jungle itself. Speak to the bouncer outside while disguised as your Clubheart companion, and you will be permitted to enter.

You realize that something is terribly wrong, and that you aren't forced into the typical game of Poker, but are instead gambling your life away— literally! While you are inside the bounds of this shack, there be no rules to taking a life, and each loss you succumb to takes a large chunk of your Pirate's HP.

You are required to obtain 650 Gold in a single sitting to be able to complete the challenge, and if you're feeling brave, you can stay at the table and earn a total of 5,000 Gold to be able to obtain a Magenta Ostrich Hat for Males, and a Purple Calvary Hat for Women.

⚠: If you have a friend available that has a Voodoo Doll and is sufficiently levelled to be able to use the Healing Skills, this is the sole way to be able to avoid death without having to lose your earnings by getting up from the table to use a Tonic.

Return to the Clubhearts with your earnings, and that's that.


Hope you brought your Fishing Rod, because next up we'll be visiting the far back of Raven's Cove's town in the cozy little fishing shack on stilts, owned by the not-too-recently deceased Thomas Fishmeister.

Upon talking to the old goon in his shack, he'll task you with two separate tasks, one mandatory and the other optional.

Firstly, you will have to catch 12 Tuna, which requires a minimum of Level 5 in Fishing to be able to encounter.

Secondarily, the optional goal will be to reel in one of the five Legendary Fish, encountered with the special Lure and can only be found in certain areas of the Caribbean at Level 20 Fishing. Completing this goal will reward you with a Bandit's Sea Globe upon returning to Thomas Fishmeister.

Once you've decided whether or not you want to attempt the optional challenge, or if you just want to get on with your life, head back to the Fishmeister.


The final spirit of Raven's Cove is secluded from the rest, sticking to her craft. Make your way toward the mines of Raven's Cove and take a right to find Madam Zigana's Gypsy Shop, and inside, who else?

Madam Zigana will be awaiting your presence, and has a very specific set of tasks for you. Like the Fishmeister prior, Madam Zigana has a set of goals for you to complete— one mandatory, one optional.

The mandatory objective for her quest requires the player to be at least Level 8 in Potions. Upon making your way to a potions table at Level 8, you will be tasked with making Three Staff Enchant I potions.

The optional objective for this quest asks the player to create a single Staff Enchant II potion. The grueling part of this second objective is solely put upon the fact that the pre-requisite requirement to create this potion is to have your pirate get Potion to Level 20. Though it's a long process, those of us who use the Voodoo Staff are handsomely rewarded following the completion of this optional portion, being rewarded a Burnt Staff in compensation for our time.

⚠: I recommend using these board rules to make your experience with potions streamlined. I also recommend doing all of these potions on Port Royal to avoid any unneeded ingredients being tossed into the mix.

After you're done, head back to Madam Zigana to complete your conversation with the townspeople of the once living Raven's Cove.


Head back to Crazy Ned after completing the dialogue with the final spirit, and he will reward you with the key to the pulley, which will allow you to ascend to El Patron's Mine, and to the second part of Raven's Cove.​
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Make your way into El Patron's Mine, and follow the tunnels down to the Southeastern most corner to meet your new compatriots. Here in the mine, Dr. Bellrog and his Right-Hand, Kudgel will assist you through the rest of the storyline.

Step 1: Dig up Journal Pages

After you've interacted with your new friends inside the mine, you will be tasked with finding Journal Pages that were buried long ago.

The spots for the Journal Pages can be seen below:


Circle #1, Top Left: This Dig Spot is found near the entrance to the right, next to a lone standing pillar.

Circle #2, Middle: This Dig Spot is found atop of the Marked Grave in the pool.

Circle #3, Bottom: The final Dig Spot can be found just North of the South Idol, at the top of the incline.

⚠: If you cannot find a certain Dig Spot, it is entirely possible to re-use the same Dig Spot by switching servers.

After you've dug up the journals, return to Dr. Bellrog to get the next set of instructions.


The next step to completing Raven's Cove is asked of you by Dr. Bellrog, in which he requests the player to lure 5 Devious Ghosts & 5 Mutineer Ghosts to their resting place at the Central Idol present in the pools.

Devious Ghosts and Mutineer Ghosts share spawns to the North and South of the grave.

⚠: Though it is not specified, the Ghosts must be killed when standing upon the area of the grave itself, as so:



I HIGHLY recommend using a set of Throwing Knives or a Pistol to gradually lure the ghosts to the grave. Make sure not to run away from them too quickly or they will go back to where they spawned originally. (My foolproof method has been to keep attacking them as I back away, it tends to keep their aggro.)

After you've put the spirits to rest, head back to Dr. Bellrog to see what more you can do.


Dr. Bellrog will inform you of a Traitor Ghost that can be resurrected at the Western-most Idol, and requests that you resurrect and defend him from a hoard of opponents that would like to kill him.

Make your way to the Idol, and hit Shift on the Marker itself to activate the scenario. Like with the Watery Grave, you will be fighting Devious and Mutineer Ghosts in groups of 2-3.

The scenario will last for around 1 minute, and if you protect the ghost successfully through the entire duration, you will be prompted to return to Dr. Bellrog. However, if the Traitor Ghost dies (or if you get Knocked out) you will be able to re-initiate the scenario by interacting with the marker again.

⚠: WATCH YOUR FIRE! There is a current glitch with the game (As of 4/20/19) that will aggro the Traitor Ghost to attack you if he is hit by your attacks. While doing no actual damage to him, he will deal very real damage to you, and it can be the death of you if you don't notice it in time.


Upon returning to Dr. Bellrog, you're prompted to find and extinguish the life of 13 Firebats to create a tool known as the Dowsing Rod. Firebats are enemies exclusive to Raven's Cove, and can be outside of the mine in the following areas:


RECOMMENDED: Upon exiting the mine and crossing the bridge, the two alcoves inside of the summit walls contain packs of Firebats, and it is highly recommended to stay up here rather than going down to the lower area, however, it is feasible to do it there if you disconnected or left Raven's Cove previously.

After you've removed the Firebats from existence, head back to Dr. Bellrog who will then prompt you to use the dowsing rod to find the location of the third idol. However, the map below shows you the four locations that you need to go in chronological order if you aren't up for the challenge.


After you've dug up all four dowsing rod items, head back to Dr. Bellrog.


Nearing the end of this journey, Dr. Bellrog requests that you recover the Idol to the south, even if it means taking it from the hands of the dead. Likewise, you're obliged, and when you arrive to the grave, ensure that all four protectors of the location are dead, and then go ahead and pick up the Idol for yourself.

After this has been done, take the hike back to Dr. Bellrog.


After returning to Dr. Bellrog, something shifts about how he talks to you. He appreciates the work you've done, however, he is no longer in need of your services.

Protect yourself! Kudgel has drawn his sword and is looking to put you down like the other spirits across the mines. He isn't particularly hard hitting, however, he does have quite a bit of health.

After defeating Kudgel, speak to Dr. Bellrog once again.

Dr. Bellrog begs for your pardon, and you're off through the door.

Aboard the ship is the chest of treasures you've so longed for, however, a final spirit stands in your way.

El Patron is a Devious Ghost boss that spawns between levels 34-40, and is the final boss of the Raven's Cove questline. Unlike any other boss in the game, as your fight El Patron, he will also summon members of his crew to begin attacking you.

⚠: While he isn't the hardest hitting boss in the game, it is HIGHLY recommended to have at least one or two other players with you to assist in taking him down, as he does have quite a bit of HP.

Upon putting El Patron to rest, you are finally able to claim the treasure of the chest, given the choice, you have the option between the Nautilus Blade, Spinecrest Sword, and Bitter End.

Upon picking your first Cursed Blade from the chest, you will also be awarded the "/hand" emote, to check for the Evil Curse of Doom, of course. As well, Enemies in Raven's Cove and Isla Tormenta will start dropping Cursed Blades of varying rarities, all the way up to Legendary.

For those who read this thread, please like it and vote up in the poll if it did help you out. This type of content typically takes me 6~7 hours of constant work to research, create the graphics, and foolproof! Thanks!​
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WIlliam Burke

Honestly wouldn't have known what to buy or where for the clothes without this! Be it my own ignorance to the quest logs as they can look a bit muddied when you have quite a few and feel like a bother to read, or just flat out negligence to the story of the quest itself


Other than the missing dig spot, this is very accurate and helpful guide. Also, I dont know if any one else has experienced this, but at some point during my fight in betrayal I could no longer lock on to Kudgel. I couldnt see his health niether. I had to use my staff to damage him as no other weapon would lock on

John Goldfish

After fighting air (Kudgel) for ten minutes with a friend healing me we gave up and walked out of his zone. I walked back to see if he was back at his home position and noticed his health was at 30%. I went back and finished him from a distance with staff flame. I guess the trick was walking away and coming back to get him to reappear temporarily.


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Honestly wouldn't have known what to buy or where for the clothes without this! Be it my own ignorance to the quest logs as they can look a bit muddied when you have quite a few and feel like a bother to read, or just flat out negligence to the story of the quest itself
I mean, I really appreciate this guide but you know that the Wiki is there right?

Bonny Anne

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Just a preference i use, but all 5 of the ghosts quests can be held at once. Taking them all at the same time and then returning to Raven's Cove after completing all of them saves you multiple trips and time, as you wont have to sail to and from Raven's Cove to turn in and pick up a new quest.