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Good morning, folks! Today, after tirelessly trying over a multitude of different builds for every class of weapon and activity in the game, I bring you the guide to building your weapons to your personal needs.

NOTE! This guide is in two parts, you can find the second half below as the first reply to this one.

Skillbuilding: Sword

The build pictured above is what I'd like to call the most basic variant of a sword skillbuild in the game. This build is a great damage set for mob farming or just generally killing. This is also my go-to setup for Looting in endgame areas, as the extra health from Endurance 5 really bolsters your pirate to make you a tough nut to crack. Assuming you desire more crowd control, you may forego the four extra points put into the Slash combo attack to put into Sweep instead.

Skillbuilding the Sword, Remember:
Don't put points into Parry. The perk provides little to the board and adds 0 damage.

○ Don't put more than one point into Taunt. While sword and Dagger users have a chance to miss, Grenade and Voodoo users will take no effect from this and will continue to hit you, and quite frankly 30 seconds is more than enough time to kill an opponent.

○ Don't put points into Brawl; Combining lackluster damage with a mediocre lockdown time, the move may as well do nothing.

○ Points between Bladestorm can be transferred to sweep to have both attacks enabled, although is not advised due to the damage reduction on Bladestorm.

Skillbuilding: Gun

Before I continue, it should be noted the similarity between this and my Sword build in that I do not allocate any points whatsoever to Counter Attack moves.

Once again, the photo above is your baseline build for a Gun. The damage is maximized with Shoot and Take Aim maxed out, and the shot used is purely based on the enemy that you are fighting. (Silver Shot being effective at downing even the hardest skeleton baddies, while Steel Shot's application is a bit more meager since many Live enemies in the game cannot be shot. This of course still has its use toward cursed enemies and wild animals, as well as the crew of the Flying Dutchman.

Another build for the gun is as follows, gearing the weapon toward the new Seven Seas Repeater styled weapons or even conventional repeater pistols.

This build allows more points to be allocated for more ammunition types, and if you aren't building for a Seven Seas Repeater, the Lead Shot Boost and the single point in Eagle Eye can be transferred to another type of shot. Of course, in the demonstration above I picked Venom Shot, but out of the three shots before Silver Shot and Steel Shot, all are viable and are purely up to preference.


○ This build is horrible for Muskets, Bayonets, and Blunderbusses due to the lack of range increase with Eagle Eye as well as a lack of Take Aim. If you are using this build, you are allocated for Repeaters and should only be used as such.

Skillbuilding: Voodoo Doll

Build #1: The Medic

The Voodoo Doll has constantly obtained a bad reputation from the Community for its lack of viability in certain content, but here are a couple builds that may make up for that.

The build above is the Medic or Whiteknight Skillbuild, consisting of purely healing skills. This build at with maximum power from perks on Voodoo Weapons can heal single targets from absolutely nothing to an absolute overkill, with my Doll and this build doing 5,250 HP with the Heal spell and a staggering 8,850 with the Cure spell. Now, as most could assume the main drawback of this build is a very distinct lack of Damage. That being said, Life Drain was taken on this build as a way of healing ourselves in Combat due to the mechanics of enemy Aggro, but will not suffice solely as a Damage attack due to it's long recharge time, and that being said, we have this build:

Quite the opposite of the Previous, this build is solely based around doing damage to multiple targets and will suffice as the secondary way to Level up the Voodoo Doll. (Healing being the best due to the way shared EXP works.) This build features four separate attacks, including the aforementioned Life Drain, as well as a fifth and final point into Curse, making all enemies under the bounds of your doll take 30% Increased Damage for 60 Seconds.
Moving on, I have one final build to showcase for the Doll that has a special Niche.

The PvP Doll
You heard it right, this build is specifically geared around using the Voodoo Doll in PvP. Combining the previous skills mentioned from the Attack Doll, lowering it down to one attunable target and adding 5 points to Grave Shackles is a great way to lock down opponents and have them taking ludicrous damage from Range. Combine this with a Doll utilizing the perk Evil Eye, and you'll be a force to be reckoned with.



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Skillbuilding: Dagger

Borderline my favorite build, this Dagger build is a fantastic choice for both Dagger and Throwing Knives alike. This build features fantastic finishing damage with Blade Instinct and great Ranged Damage with a 5 Point Viper's Nest.
When Skillbuilding Dagger, Remember:
○ Asp
is a direct and complete downgrade of Viper's Nest and should be avoided after Viper's Nest is obtained.

Sidewinder and Adder both have their own Niche uses, both including a secondary stage of damage that could rival overall damage with Viper's Nest if used correctly.

○ Just like the Cutlass's Brawl, Throw Dirt is ill-advised though it's effect is stronger and will stop Dolls, Dagger, Grenade and Cutlass users from doing any Damage for its Duration. Unlike Brawl, this is viable in certain situations, but must also be used in Close Quarters, will stop your character from moving for the animation, and has a very short range.

Finesse can be completely removed if you are not interested in it, allowing to max out your combo attacks as well as allocating a point to another consumable skill.

Skillbuilding: Grenade

The above build is the baseline build for Grenade, and will be your best contender for endgame trash farming in areas such as Gold Room on Isla Tormenta or South Idol on Raven's Cove. This build features maximized damage with both Throw and Long Volley maxed out as well as having 5 points allocated to the mother of all bombs, the Siege Charge.
Grenade Building, Take Note:
The 1 point that has not been allocated anywhere is best spent in one of two places, either adding a point to Ignore Pain to reduce slow and stun durations, or to Smoke Bomb to create a better version of Dagger's Throw Dirt that can be used at Long Range, though dealing no damage in the process.

○ Overall, I cannot recommend Stink Bombs past training your Grenade to unlock Siege charges, and that is the extent of how far I'd go to say they are viable. As for Firebomb, just don't use it. It's ineffective at training, has low range, and is just not viable without doing a character build for overtime damage.

Skillbuilding: Staff

And we come to the final conventional Pirate weapon of the list, Voodoo Staff, once again following a conventional build that can be used to train the staff to Maximum Level and has fantastic Damage combining Flaming Skull and Wither with the Spirit Mastery passive for 25% extra damage to both Doll and Staff attacks.

This time around, I've made a special case for Voodoo Staff. Seeing as the staff isn't regularly used, I've left 4 skill points to allocate for player preference. This of course can be added to the greyed out Conservation perk to reduce the mana costs of all Voodoo attacks, or added to another Staff attack to add more utility to the staff's moves.

Staffbuilding: The Notes
While good on paper, Pestilence is a very par attack. It's Damage, while not exponential in any sort, is not bad but does not boast any special killing power like the rest of the Staff's attacks.

Banish is to be used at your own risk. The damage against the undead is phenomenal, but the problem sits in it's egregious charge time, sitting at 7 SECONDS.

A similar idea is to be used with Desolation, noting that it is a health risk in higher level or higher density areas due to the fact that it absolutely wrecks the health of the caster upon use, and probably should be avoided in being used unless like a last resort.

○ Personally, rather than dumping the rest of the points to Conservation, I did a 2-2 Split between Banish and Desolation to add more attacks to my Staff's lineup.

Skillbuilding: Cannon

Now, before I do anything here, I want players to take note that the three shots I've selected as my non-arbitrary ammunition are based on the broadsides that my Upgraded ships require for extra power. This is a similar path I'd recommend taking to any sailor who has any interest in upgrading their ships but can be completely neglected if you wish. That being said, I do think that 5 points into Barrage is necessary, and should be added regardless of what your cannon build is.

Firing into Cannon Skills:
The four extra points allocated to Round Shot can be split up to max out both Shoot and Rapid Reload to speed up cannoneering efficiency, but this is to personal preference and I feel like 3 in both feels about right.
Shrapnel at this point is utterly useless. It has practically no effect in cannoneering and is negligible in Grenade tossing due to the sheer amount of punch the grenades cause on impact anyway.

○ If Rapid Reload and Shoot seems unnecessary for your playstyle, you may also dive into maxing out other variants of shot instead to better maximize cannon damage.

Skillbuilding: Sailing

Now, before anything is mentioned, I have a sailing item on to add three extra points to Treasure Sense, so let it be known to ignore that while I discuss sailing. A dodgy topic nonetheless, sailing skills are primarily dependant on the Player's intent of their ships. The photo above represents my personal all-around build, that is viable in both PvE and SvS. The extra points into Open Fire! allow it to be on par with Full Sail! as well as Take Cover! in time, bringing it up to 10 seconds.

Bring It About, Sailing Skillbuilding:
It should be noted thst putting points past the first into Ramming Speed is ill-advised, as losing all control of your ship's side motions for more than five seconds can prove fatal, even if it is a massive speed boost.

Treasure Sense can be completely removed in favor of Taskmaster for SvS, as it will allow the captain to reload his Broadsides much quicker. Coupled with Leadership from the Black Pearl quest, this will exponentially increase the fire rate of the ship's below deck cannons for a short while.

○ While not recommended, removing points elsewhere to allocate into your Broadside abilities do marginally increase damage, rightfully depending on the shot that is released from them as well.

Skillbuilding: The Wrap-Up

I'd like to thank any of you who read this entire article, I do greatly appreciate it. This is 8 months and hundreds of thousands of Gold spent to bring you the best.

Also, if you know of a build that you prefer moreso than the one in this article, please, feel free to post and photo of it and explain as to why.​

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Thanks so much for this guide Misha! Made it so much easier to visualize the kind of builds I wanted and great tips for individual skills.


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Man Misha can talk! Am I right?!?
Basically, you wanna get yer weapons and use them against the NPC foe. You kill them, you gain rep and skill points.
You then use those points, by trial and error, until it all feels right and works for you.
There, fixed it for ya Misha! :p