Pirate Apprentice
so one day while looting i got the bayou throwing knives iw as only lvl 13 dagger at the time so i thought i will keep them and then had to sell items because my loot bag was full well i made the mistake of selling my bayou throwing knives on accadent i was so mad and i will prolly never get them again plus throwing knives are my second favorite weapon now



Throwing knives are one of the simplest famed to get but if you are looking for a specific one you will need some patience. Smasho is a perfect source and with a few mates and a little time you will see blue letters. I love fighting him because he is a challenge even for several mastered players. I have received most if not all of the famed knives several times over and silver freeze multiples as well. If only I have the same luck elsewhere. I have even had two famed in a pouch twice. Kept the screens of those even though I left the knives. I can try to post them when I sign on my home computer. Good luck and you will get them back again


Wiki Staff
When I was trying to loot for every set of knives, I kept getting every set of knives except Scoundrel's. I ended up with 3 repeats of silver freeze, as I had looted a set months ago. There are many better sets of knives.