Mmbers Of Jollys Assualt (and How Brigades Work Very Helpful Mates)

Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate
The battle is almost nightmarish as the foes will come wave after wave! Jolly himself leads the charge against the pirates! And to add to the devil's army, the lag can cause the game to go at nightmarishly slow speeds.
Attack Waves:

In the midst of all these Brigades a new enemy called Powder Keg Runners also appear in many waves. These potent suicide bombers can appear randomly or arrive in a large group.
Brigade 1 - Undead Pirates and Undead Witchdoctors
Brigade 2 - Undead Brutes and Powder Keg Runner
Brigades 3 & 4 - Undead Duelists, Gypsies, lower level Spanish and French, and Powder Keg Runner
Brigades 5 & 6 - Higher level Spanish Undead, French Undead, and Powder Keg Runner
Brigade 7 - More undead including Stumps, Undead Captains, and Powder Keg Runner
Final Assault - Jolly Roger
He is not to be underestimated! He attacks with numerous voodoo hexes:
Dark Thunderbolts that strike anyone who attacks
Grave Bind is like Grave Shackles that he uses to shackle all the pirates in range.
Corruption, simliar to Wither that does nearly 1000 heath points damage.
Earthquake, similar to attacks by Stumps.
Soul Storm is like Desolation that can do between 700 and 2000 damage.
I never really did either main focus is kill the enemy and don't let Jolly reach Jack! I don't care if the barricades get torn down...GET JOLLY is on my mind!
Raven i always try to get our forces together and evryone in his rightful place and crew ppl up. Most of the time i do my
Maine focus is rep. Rep. Rep. Then i take all the med and high levels with me in the front row and use a sword that can hit many ppl at the same time. Thats my stratgy
Oh yea....staff is my top weapon, next is daggers, and when Jolly comes's my Lost El Patron works great! That's all I ever use on him!
I can take them all down.
For Jolly roger, have a bunch of friends with Hex shot! It lowers Voodoo which gives Jolly Roger a weak attack.
I luv that the keg runners were added in but theres always one person who wait until a keg is near someone being healed before they shoot it.