Mordor U21.2 on Beta this weekend


Honorable Pirate
For those who find themselves still drawn back to this game (even if it has become mostly a mindless grind), or if someone is intrigued by beta testing a semi-complete build, read on:

This weekend LotRO has its Bullroarer (beta) server up for the Mordor instance cluster: a 3 man instance and 6 man fellowship instance for the Mordor expansion (12 man raid in the future is the prediction). It was released for testing yesterday, but the instances were buggy to begin, so one of the developers updated the server again this afternoon, hopefully fixing it. I know TLOPO has a few LotRO-ers hiding in its midst...

Keep in mind, BR is only available on a weekend basis, usually once a month, but you can give a character all the gear with practically 0 grind... Thats the only part that keeps me coming back lol.
You can find more info here: