Morgan Kid Never Met An Urchinfist He Didn't Like

Captian Morgan Kid

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strange things happen when the moon is full. while plundering solo in cursed cavrens the other night i suddenly turned into an undead pirate. i ran up to an urchinfist who i was going to attack next. well he was just standing there, i think he wanted to be my friend. maybe he thought i was one of them. i didn't have it in my heart to kill a nice guy like that ( see i'm really just an old softy ). we just sort of hung out togather. it was kind of a warn fuzzy time. when i returned to normal i quickly dispatched him. he didn't even give me a loot drop, some friend he was. screenshot_2010-10-17_15-53-36.jpg
That is cool. So a low level player might be able to run past all the bad guys to get to where he wants to go while the moon is full and tp out when he switches back to normal... very cool.
Lol it looks like he's about to party boy you[party boy is from stupidhead the movies and tv show where chris pontius dances right up next to another guy].
Great story as always Morgan!

It does look like he is waiting there with open arms ready for some lovin...LOL... Awwww how sweet. :p