Mouse? You suck!

Shamus The Brute

Site Founder
To the MOUSE which kept me awake last night (a true experience of last night's 'peril'):
Fast and sound asleep I was,
until I heard you scramble
My soul did jump,
but I did not gamble
Curse words and light switch flipped the stillness of the night,
I stood upon bed, then furniture, then weight bench ~ ready to fight!
Sleep in my eyes peering hard for your fur,
I stood high and aloft but rather unsure
A plan of attack my mind could not see,
you are a beast of a rodent despicable to me
I predict you will dart from either side of my bed,
I heard nothing further from you which perplexed my head
Standing aloft on weight bench of American steel,
did pass 45 minutes I felt like a heel
Armored with golf club it's grip so soft,
it was a #1 driver with a 10.5 degree loft
My ears stretched to hear as my legs began to ache,
I was beginning to wonder how long this would take
The tension of the night did later relax,
I squatted, sat, then laid down asleep on the weight bench clueless to the facts
The light of the dawn shined through the bedroom window,
I determined I had endured enough and so it was time to go
Sitting upright a thought entered my mind,
logic could explain this; the MOUSE earlier I could not find
I had unplugged the DVD and television set before heading to bed,
perhaps their cords fell together playing mind games with my head
As I sat groggy, impatient, and completely outsmarted,
I mumbled, "Screw it," floored my feet, climbed into bed and farted.