Official TLOPO Music Music Summer Content Schedule

Tyler Grow

Good Evening All,

I would like to take the time to share with you all now the planned music content for later this year. We have had a great year last year which was full of content! Some of the music I had the privilege of working on and bringing to the game includes:

  • New Sea Shanties!
  • New PVP music for Capture The Chest, the new PVP Game Mode
  • New Trailer Music for TLOPO's Social Media
  • And A LOT more music for unannounced projects that TLOPO has planned!
Today's article I will share with you the information that I have been given access to share from the game developers. Let's get into it!

Please keep in mind that this is just what I will be working on over the summer, and is NOT a definitive dated release for the content.


  • NEW PVP Music
    The developers and I have discussed the format of how the battle music plays when you're dueling. We're thinking of changing of how that works. Instead there will be brand new music at a length of around 10 minutes. That should be enough music for players to be satisfied while they're dueling without getting bored. Stylistically, the music will have similar qualities of Hans Zimmer's score of POTC 1,2,3,4 and Geoff Zanelli's POTC 5 score. We're also thinking of introducing kill cue music, similar to how the music cues work for when your ship sinks in SVS. If implemented, there will be different variations of the death music cues that that will seamlessly transition back into the 10-minute battle music. This new format of how the music in TLOPO works will also be implemented into the new SVS music I have planned.

  • New SVS Music
    We will definitely be taking a lot of inspiration stylistically from the music track called: Barbossa Is Hungry from POTC 1. I personally will be aiming for more of a POTC 5 score for the new sailing music mixed with Thomas Bergersen's Two Steps From Hell music. Again the music will follow the format of the new PVP music with a lengthy music track and death cue music. I may aim to do a 20 minute music track, but we'll have to see where we are at around that time.​
  • New Music for Survivalist
    10-15 minutes of battle music with death cue music, and boss level music.​
  • New Music for Domination
    10-15 minutes of battle music with death cue music.

  • New Sea Shanties
    Haul Away Joe, Spanish Ladies, Mexico, Rocky Road to Dublin, Drunken Sailor, Leave Her Johnnie, and more!

    Stay tuned, thats all for now..
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