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Wanted Pirate
I might ask my friend to teach me how she draws because I admire her artwork to the point that it's creepy- Then I might put my own twist on it. For example, when she draws a humanoid character, she makes them almost all leg. Meanwhile, I had looked in a few drawing book to get anatomy pointers, and some of the things I learned was to have the hands usually line up with the groin when the arms are at the character's sides. I have been wanting to somewhat alter my style for a while. I am pretty happy with what I have at the moment, but I still do want to change it to be more to my liking. Does anyone have any other tips?

I might edit this a bit later with pictures of my current artwork. Thanks! :D
That's a link to some of my more recent artwork, and I had my drawing teacher help me correct it(This was after I posting the picture above.)
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