Event  My B day party!!!!!!! June 11 2011

Will u be coming?

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Francis Gunshot

Site Founder
Ok everyone I am very excited my Birthday is on the June 11th and I want to invite everyone to meet me on tortuga to help me master my pirate Francis Gunshot on my real Birth Day after I master we party and have fun it will be starting at 7:00 pm on June 11th CA time ( server location yet to come ) I will post it some time tomorrow. I hope u will all be able to come I am happy I will be mastering my first pirate on the day I was born I am currently lv 49 half way I will get it up some more before the date. Hope y'all can make it. :D :D :D Please post your pirates names below so I will know who will be coming.


Francis Gunshot



Site Founder
How come so many ppl have the same or around the same birthdays ... Happy early birthday to all of you then!

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
Can we have it on that Sunday? :) Then we can have like a triple birthday celebration? :) :D xD :fight:Only 7 p.m. Eastern Time (which is my time) Royal Anchor Fragilles Ocean/Server? :)


I wish you a Happy birthday Francis, sorry can not be there since I'm not near a computer :)


Pirate Master
I will try to come, but im not sure if i will make it. If i don't make it. Happy Early Birthday!!!!
Hope you don't run out of rum while ur there. xD
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