My Ideas for POTCO

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Here is an (almost) full list of what I think should be added to the game.
This is just basic ideas, not counting in lag and quantities yet.


  • Small Run-Down Shack. 1,000-2,000 gold (depends on island)
  • Small Shack. 2,000-4,000 gold (depends on island)
  • Medium Shack. 5,000-10,000 gold (depends on island)
  • Townhome. 10,000-25,000 gold (depends on island)
  • Mansion. 50,000-200,000 gold (Depends on island, color, size, and interior)
And, different islands.
  • Cheap- Tortuga
  • Mid-Price- Port Royal
  • Higher Price- Padres Del Fuego
  • Most Expensive- Seperate Server Island (Explain Later)

I also think that we, being pirates, should be able to steal, plunder, or buy furniture. Such things as tables, chairs, desks, and wall maps. Globes and charts found from looting/sailing should be able to be seen in a Captain's Cabin in a ship. Only the owner of a ship should be able to enter it, because why should the crew be allowed into the captain's cabin?

  • Ship of the Line- HMS Victory is a 1st rate. A great prize, but probably never used by a pirate since they required large crews (approx 800) and were expensive to operate. Do. Not. Add.
  • Schooner-Small class of ship, lightly armed carrying only 6 guns, well used for 300 years. Schooners come in both two-masted and three-masted varieties. But whether two or three-masted, schooners are fore-and-aft rigged. More common in the United States than elsewhere. Probably not a favoured ship.
  • Corvette-Light and fast, corvettes were lightly armed (10 guns, though some did carry more), but more than made up for their lack of armament with their speed. Not known whether pirates used them, commonly given to privateers because of their speed. Also sometimes referred to as a "sloop-of-war".
  • Brig(Brigantine)-Small, fast two-masted ships. They took their name from the fact they were a favoured type of vessel for pirates or brigands. In earlier years brigantine referred to any small two-masted vessel that could be both sailed and rowed. Later the definition was more rigidly applied to certain rigging configurations. A brigantine is square-rigged on her foremast and upper mainmast, but her main sheet is actually rigged fore-and-aft on a gaff boom. A brig is square-rigged on both masts. Carried around 10 guns.

Ship Names
There should be different ship names. Preferrably typed names for better creativity. You would have to pick a name while your ship's name is being checked. It cannot contain bad words, ship names from the movie, famous ship names, etc. It also cannot directly copy off of another ship's name. For example, if I named my ship The Siren's Revenge, someone cannot name theirs The Siren's Revenge or The Siren Revenge, or anything of that air.

Ooh, this is the topic I like to call 'fight magnet'. I always see arguments about this topic. DO. NOT. ARGUE/FIGHT. For this one, it's pretty obvious. New, stronger enemies who offer a challenge. Same with new bosses. I am tried of being able to kill DH in two hits with a blunderbuss. Something a bit harder than Devil Root but easier than Foulberto. And, for enemies, something that is harder than four lv 50 Thralls put together. A whole new island full of exotic enemies who drop good loot no crude. It takes weapons and wit to defeat these baddies. They use strong weapons with freeze, Ghost Form, Hurricane Slash and many more. They will NOT drop crude, common, or regular rare. Only Rare Cursed, Famed/Famed Cursed, and Legendary/Legendary Cursed.

Seperate Server Islands
Finally I will say what I mean by SSI (seperate server islands). This would be the most EXPENSIVE of all the types of islands. But, you can pick whether you want a large island, small island, or a medium one.
  • Small- Cheap.
  • Medium- Mid-Price.
  • Large- Expensive. Comes with a dock.
You can dock your ships on the large islands and you will be able to see the ships from your shack/mansion. Townhomes will not come with a SSI option. Only you will be able to see your island while sailing. You will also get to name it. All sizes come with a name option. There would be an option for a GuildMaster to allow their guild to see the island also. When docked at a large island as a guest, you will only be able to see the ship you docked. The owner will be able to see all of their ships docked. The owner will be able to kick you off their island any time for any reason. When buying, you can choose where on the island you put the house and which direction it faces. You can also choose whether you want to have a volcanic island, a jungle island, a swamp island, or a plain beach island (ex. Rumrunners Isle). There will be no enemies.

My favorite topic. Privateering. It needs alot of changes. There needs to be a seperate server with boundaries to keep runners in line, and no porting will be allowed with a certain amount of bounty or sink streak. For teleporting off, you must wait 30 seconds after being hit. You can buy more ammo but it will be stored under the ship, and you can buy 1,000 of each type and store it.. You must get away from everyone, go under the ship, and get the ammo. Now for flag coloration. Privateers did not dye their sails full color, they had flags on the crow's nest and on the rear mast depending on the ship. For the basic three ships now, the frigate class will have one up top and one in the rear. For sloop class, one on top. For galleons, one on top. There would also be a new team, the English.

I could put more of my never-ending ideas but I am pretty sure nobody wants to read more and probably got bored halfway through reading this. ;)

Matthew Goldrage

Wanted Pirate
Enemies: Yes. They cant ONLY drop cursed rare, famed and legendary items. They would be overwhelmed by loot hungry pirates and famed would be too common... Make it no crude, common at WORST.
Ships: ONLY the Ship of the Line. 800 men is in real life, a war frigate would take at LEAST 50 men to run so real life requirements = irrelevant.
Privateering: (insert your choice of words here)YES!!! Its outdated, and teleporters and runners are cowards :p buying ammo is also a pain...
Ship Name: Yes

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Soo I was on my low lv and I checked around the islands to show what the homes would look like.
Small Shack

Medium Shack

Large Shack would be the ones on cuba with stilts... Couldn't get a screenshot of it bc it took too long to get there LOL.
Small Townhome

Medium Townhome (IK it's a warehouse.... They could make it a townhome.. It is just the design.)

Large Townhome

Mansion (would come in different colors and styles)

And, no, I did not copy off the thread "My Ideas for Potco!" because I made this thread first.


Wiki Staff
To whom this may concern:
I have an ideal that I think can be incorporated into the game. “An island that can't be found, except by those who already know where it is.” An island that can only be accessed via teleportation from the Map. “M” On this island we can store our swag, (Weapons, Clothing, etc…). Maybe as well as our own Pirate Lair, where we can buy houses, varying in size, beauty, and expense. The Island should include a Boarding Option, so we can either allow or deny Guild/Friends from teleporting to the player. This allowing extra storage for our loot and a private place for a guild to meet up should satisfy many of the Paying players. In addition, it could be possible to have Docks there which can hold extra ships, but the player can only carry three, and can’t get these ships unless they Teleport to the island and switch them. I hope you take in these suggestions into careful consideration. If not, take into the fact that MORE STORAGE is desperately needed to hold all our loot. As Hector Barbossa said, “Me hull be burtsin with Swag” while ours have busted and started overflowing into the sea. Thank You and have a wonderful day/evening.
~ (A Humble Pirate)

This is my Message I sent to Pirates Online about 3 months ago...​

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
I think it's a good idea to have a private island, but then again, considering how many people play POTCO, it would take a lot of work and time and they don't wanna put that much time and effort into something like this, as good of an idea as it is. At least that's my thinking.

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
I think it's a good idea to have a private island, but then again, considering how many people play POTCO, it would take a lot of work and time and they don't wanna put that much time and effort into something like this, as good of an idea as it is. At least that's my thinking.
But, you would only be able to see your island. And, it would be the same thing but when you port at it you port at yours.

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
But, you would only be able to see your island. And, it would be the same thing but when you port at it you port at yours.
Not what I meant. I meant that since everybody would want an island, they would have to put in all the costs and everything else and they just wouldn't want to put that time into it.