Nametag Reference

Just a reference guide for anyone on nametags. This should help to clear up any possible confusion you might have.


Staff Members:
- Administrator. These people run the site and deal with higher level issues.
- Lead Moderator. This person is the head of all the moderators.
- Moderator. These people moderate the forums and deal with lower level issues.
- Forum Moderator. These people moderate only a few designated forums, but they are just like Moderators.

Voluntary Staff Positions:
- Greeter. These people welcome new members on threads in the New Members forum.
staff member.png
- Staff Member. These people could have a variety of different jobs, such as Video Maker, Graphics Designer, and Event Planner.

site founder.png
- Site Founder. Received if you were one of the first people to join Pirates Forums.
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Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
Any plans on giving original POTCO in-game Founders the F tag coin for TLOPO in-game?
Uhh...asking for a friend.... :p
The name tags referenced here on this thread is only about the tags for the staff and members on the forums. This thread has nothing to do whatsoever with anything in TLOPO.

Now, maybe depending on what the plans are for early TLOPO members IF they do receive anything... maybe something would be made for TLOPO specific early members for on the forums as well.... IDK.

If you're only referring to the in game founders tag, I do believe that there are many threads about that very in game founders tag from POTCO, asking if it will be added in TLOPO.