Guide Ned Reddavis' Guide to Optimizing DPS for Faster Looting Part 2


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This is part 2 of my two part guide. This part will only be discussing DPS and will be concluding my guides on damage and DPS.

Weapon Types DPS
Ok, so part 1 found all of the optimal methods for damage, and now here I will provide all of the DPS information for each weapon type and each of their variants within those types. Afterwards I will discuss comparisons between this information and what that all means, and then a final summary of all this information. All of these DPS values assume you are on a level 50 pirate with the format of optimal damage, not using any buffs such as curse, and attacking a green or gray bar enemy. For more detailed information about any particular weapon type please see the respective guide that I have made specifically for that category. In general, famed and legendary weapons deal the most damage, so I will only be assessing the DPS of those weapon loot tiers.

Voodoo Staffs


Voodoo Dolls




Some of the gun abilities are either incredibly long to charge and minuscule in damage increase or I don't have the guns to test how they work, so some of the data here is missing. Also, note that for repeaters the DPS is with using the shoot ability for damage and for all other gun types DPS is calculated with fully drawn take aim attacks.




Swords were the first weapons I tackled and later down the line I have gotten better ways of gathering information for better accuracy. Now I'm bringing this information back to swords and have therefore revised my work here. At another look I have learned that several assumptions were wrong! The cooldowns of bladestorm, sweep, etc. are sword type specific and not the same across every variety of sword and I have had to make DPS adjustments for this. Swords have the most amount of abilities to account for, but I do not have a majority of the legendary swords and some of the famed swords so I cannot get good data for those. However, abilities such as inferno sweep, shock sweep, and hurricane slash all charge incredibly slowly and have a variation in its recharge since it is based on both perfect combos and receiving damage from enemies. For this reason it seems that those abilities will not increase DPS by a significant amount, though it should be acknowledged that they likely do. For weapons with cursed thunder or the like, this has the same animation time as a slash or chop attack and can even replace those attacks by correctly timing your click to lead it into the second attack. If this happens then your DPS will increase slightly each time you perform this, and if you can't then using it at the start of combos will still slightly improve DPS. Levi w/ ability does 563-1127 DPS.


DPS Discussion and Damage Summary
Ok, now that I've blasted you with information I want to break this down a bit for all of you. I want to be very clear that there is in fact error in all of my calculations. I am incapable of giving a precise error analysis, but since each weapon category is calculated the same way, the relationships between weapons in the same category should be definitive. From there, the weapon categories are enough apart that I can give a general stance on which category of weapons is better than another: Guns are the weapon category that seem to be able to have the highest potential DPS. After that, in descending DPS order it goes grenades, swords, voodoo staffs, daggers, and voodoo dolls. What is not obvious from what I have provided is which weapons have the highest singe hit damage. Blunders, which have poor DPS have a high single hit damage, for example. Weapons with the highest single hit damage are high DPS pistols (i.e the legendary pistols), blunders, siege charge grenades, the desolation voodoo staff spell, and leviathan's curse attack. To do even more DPS than is shown in the charts you should use the doll's curse ability on an enemy, use damage increasing potions, fight in groups, and fight with a staff user using the dark aura ability. If you are searching for weapons to deal more damage, then hunting for either of the legendary pistols, or some of the higher legendary swords while finding the high DPS famed weapons on these spreadsheets is the way to go.

I finally want to re-write here that you will do less damage to red and yellow bar enemies, up to 1/3 less damage against enemies 5 or less levels below your notoriety. Additionally pirates do not do less damage to bosses for the sake of them being bosses, and pirates do not do seem to do less damage to Palifico despite him being level 52 compared to attacking a level 50 enemy.


Well, that's everything. If you stuck around and read this two part novel I applaud you and I really hope that this is helpful to even the most seasoned of pirates. Hopefully this will get you pirates to dealing as much damage as you can to whatever you choose to fight and help increase the amount of loot and fantastic weapons that you all have! Please, please, please ask any questions that you may have and better yet, give me some constructive criticism! Ned Reddavis out!


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