Never Say Never

Francis Gunshot

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Never Say Never!!!!!
If you are a boy say this to your friends or enimeys when they annoy you they will hate you for it. Say it after they say never I did thins to some girls and they freekd they are all like omg dude you are so cool you like the beber I am like no way well i don't hate him I mean the only reson people hate him is becouse he gets all they girls lol I mean there will be one less lonly girl after he is done lol
And one less lonely girl means a whole lot of angry sad ones lol
EDIT (Feb 17, 2011 5:40 AM):
he is a good singer though I have to admit that and he says whoooo oooowooowh oh really good lol
Lol... That song means they wont be lonely. (Not that I would know what the songs says