New Cave?


Igor Greybeard

Igor say Hummmmmm......

This sword holds far more power than meets the eye, for when a royal bow breaks water, ye shall know her name and that of her enslaved crew."

Igor think royal bow breaks water by the dock.....

Igor whisper bubble,..and bubble,,,,, toil and trouble.....

Captain Star

Fantabulous Administrator
Aye, its been there since it first came out. Maybe it lead to some where, but the Dev team changed it
Funny how everyone I ask has never seen it until now... I do not remember it, and no one else seems to either... I think this is new and has to do with what Igor said...
Ravens cove is littered with caves that go no where theres ever a few in the mine they mean nothing they were probably there from when they were designign the isle where the caves would be and they never removed the enterences