New Clothes Update~ Off The Page And ~on The Pirate.

Misty Moonlight

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Oh me friends, we do not have enough space in our closet. I had to delete almost all clothing I had to get these...not to mention the cost. I definitely know why they had double coin weekend; Maybe they will have another weekend of that before they arrive on live. Hope this helps in deciding what you might wish to keep or sell before they arrive in our local stores. Starr put the catalog pages on the test update.


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I, like you, like to mix and match my clothes. They are putting the New clothes up fast. But it's most likely because it's test. In the live game, they may go by the month.
But I swear, the female avatars look better in these clothes than the male ones! Which begs the question, " Should I make a female avatar?":cool:
EW! lol I tried playing a male avatar a couple time but I kept looking for myself. I was leveling for a family member, and I swear I was so not comfortable playing that avatar. Yes, but whether it is test or live there is still not enough space for even the new clothes. Not to mention no room for belts or boots or ....
oh god im gonna have to sell alot of my clothes :(
i just dont like the december vest it looks scaley

Yes, it is different. I like it though as the "pillow top" gave it some texture. It looks a lot better when you actually see it on your own pirate. The pictures really don't do it justice.
EDIT (Dec 1, 2010 12:19 AM):
i dont really like any of them :/ .....
the hats are nice though :)

Aw, sorry Rose. It is not what I would have designed for us :) but dang it they didn't let us have any input. The hats, well some just make me giggle. But, yes I like them also,
Great screenies Misty! I love how you mix and match everything. I see a couple pieces I like, but I am a little bit disappointed in these new clothes. I am hoping one of the months will be have black clothing and over the knee Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next months addition. ;)
Where's the BLACK CORSET!!!... lol.. I saw a few pieces that might work for me pirates.. and would like to thank misty for the nice runway show.. always nice to get a preview of what everyones going to be wearing next season.. hehe. I could see why you had trouble picking what you wanted misty.. they all look good on you!
Hello De and 3R. I promise I am not hiding those black boots and the black corset in my closet. And you are most welcome for the screenies. I can't wait until we ALL get the clothes. Woot! We can have a sure nuff runway show! OMG That would be so much fun! We could even devote a thread to it???
Thanks for posting them Misty :)

Hah.. I have played a female avatar for a friend too.. like you said, didn't feel comfortable.

My wife asked me one time to help level her grenades on her pirate.Just didn't feel right being on the female pirate.Felt very uncomfortable,specially when all the male boys kept flirting with me rofl.
My wife asked me one time to help level her grenades on her pirate.Just didn't feel right being on the female pirate.Felt very uncomfortable,specially when all the male boys kept flirting with me rofl.

Hahaha Yes that would be just a tad bit awkward Sarge!
Igor say aye Igor have to agree the cloths are nice but there is no where to put them :(
Woot! April, spring line...


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Thanks for the screen shots Misty. I like the corset....Still I am not sure about that hat it looks like a mohawk... lol
I know lol I saw a guy during the invasion and didn't realize it was a hat. Thought, mohawk too! I do like the corset and the boots and sash. I can't co-ordinate the clothes anymore because I have none but 3 pieces left from regular play. Two pieces are black and I really, really, really don't want to trash those. So, you guys will have to wait and figure out the pieces for your own closet.eek! MORE space needed!!! Or, they all be kept for sale in the stores. Maybe they changed the pirate body, ummm, well, and they are changing the clothing styles also to get away from the barbie look? Dunno! It is fun to wear them on test. teehee! Ya can't laugh at me every time you pass by. Ahahaha!!! :popcorn: