New Clothing! Woot


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Did anyone else get the email from Disney....Looks like we will be getting some new clothing for a limited time only.... Yay! :excited:

De, this is wonderful news!!! Yay! ;)

ps. Haven't received that email yet.:eek:

It is great news. I was so excited when I read it. LOL
and I am with you and Sven I don't get any good clothing drops either. I spent more time trying to find the black clothing then I did the El Patron when it came out.
I got the email but i though it was for my new account cause it mentioned stuff like the ravens cove quest wich is kinda old now.
I recieved the email too. Wasen't too impressed with the clothes they showed,although they looked like black cllothing with design. I prefer solid Black!:)