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Ahoy there Pirates! I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break and for those who have not gotten into their Spring Break yet I hope all of you get to enjoy yours soon enough. Today I want to send out TWO community events that we are going to be seeing this week while we are on spring break, both will be separate forum posts! One for Community Town Of TLOPO and the other for Community SVS #11!



I am happy to announce this new event, one that I have been working on for a long time - testing, gathering comments, testing again and so on. I am amazed to say that this game has become a favorite to everyone that has played this game so far as I have not heard a single bad thing about this game at all from anyone who has played it thus far. Due to these finding I hope that this game will also have potential to become a favorite in everyone else's book as well!

For short summary of what this game is like, it is essentially the exact same game as **Town Of Salem** if anyone knows that game. Pirates will gather around in a circle and and I will stand in the middle to conduct and narrate the game as it goes on. When the game begins, I will assign pirates ROLES at random - these ROLES are REQUIRED TO BE KEPT SECRET throughout the remainder of the game - as it servers as a huge important role for the game to work. Here are the ROLES:

Pretty self-explanatory, the killer will choose a target in the circle after each round and will also whisper me their name once they have chosen. If the MEDIC doesn't save them, that player is "killed" and is no longer in the game. Depending on the size of the party, there can be more than one killer.

This role also chooses one player to target in the circle, giving me the name once they have chosen. If the KILLER chooses the same person, that player is kept "alive" and in the game because the medic saves them. Medics cannot bring back players from the dead. Depending on the size of the party, there can be more than one medic.

This role is given to one person, and they get to ask me every round the role of one person in the circle per turn, I will tell them the role of the person they had chosen and they will help guide the CITIZENS (Who are players in the circle that have no role).

After choosing the roles of the players, I will tell everyone that it is turning to night time, and that all the players will go to sleep. During the night the KILLER(S) the MEDIC(S) and the MESSENGER will conduct their roles. After the night is over everyone will wake up, thus beginning the daytime stage of each turn where I will tell everyone the results of what happening the following night. Regardless whether or not a player is killed, after each round ALL THE PLAYERS will spend a certain amount of time communicating with each other, and then another few minutes to vote and guess on who the killer is each round, with little to know evidence at all. (this is where the MESSENGER is supposed to help guide the players to make the right decision, as soon as they figure out who it is, all without telling them their role as the MESSENGER). Whoever is voted on as the potential killer will be "jailed" which is another way of getting eliminated from the game. Eventually it will come down to less and less members - narrowing down the party size and eventually determining whether the CITIZENS or the KILLERS win the game.

There are also more roles than can be implemented like the MAYOR who actually counts for 3 votes during the day, and BODYGUARD who chooses a target to guard - if the KILLER chooses the person being guarded, the BODYGUARD & KILLER both killed & eliminated from the game.

THIS IS A LOT OF INFORMATION TO PROCESS, but it makes a TON more sense when you actually watch it in action & in the actual game! Like I have said I have conducted the games several times already and can explain how the game works more effectively when this event starts! I should also add that EVERYONE is welcome to this event as it is another Community Event! Now for some information:


Thursday, March 19th @ (Yes I know Thursday is a tad odd, but seemed like the only time most people could make it with their schedule, still let me know if it becomes to much of an issue for everyone!!!)
10:00 pm EASTERN
9:00 pm CENTRAL
8:00 pm MOUNTAIN
7:00 pm PACIFIC

Where: Kingshead (On the marching grounds/open plot of land right behind the front gate!) - On Kokojillo Server!
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