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Happy Dressing,...
ive been trying to log on for the past hour!!!! :( the game hates me lol
Merchant Peddlers Now Live! *december 15, 2010*


After weeks of rumors and speculations, the new merchants named 'Peddlers' have arrived on the shores of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba. Look for their special symbol and see what brand new merchandise they have in store.
Bring your gold stacks ... for these Peddlers have spent many days at sea pillaging and raiding merchants trading vessels and are only willing to part
with their specialty goods for top dubloon.
"This ain't no Pirate charity ... be a bizness I run!" says Billy Bargain, a known seller of goods on Port Royal.
Merchants will offer new items every month and will stop selling older items after a couple months, so don't delay and get your new threads today!