NEW player ~ Mentor/buddy System?

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Shamus The Brute

I just now thought of an idea (strictly for the benefit of 'new' players that first begin to play POTCO).

*Wouldn't it be cool if Disney implemented a mentor system to where experienced players could enlist as a type of "buddy-for-the-day" for NEW players freshly logged onto the game?

I don't know about everyone else but (when I first began to play the game), I took great delight in exploring my way around the Caribbean but...basically, had NO CLUE concerning the in's & the out's of the game aside from the introductory tips/advice provided by POTCO used as the default.

As mentors, experienced players could serve as "ambassadors" for the game where a possible reward system could be put in place to sustain a healthy supply of volunteers. Obviously, specific rules would have to be implemented to where pirates would have to abide (i.e., no guild recruitment, no drama, inability to be assigned as crew leader, etc.). The downside for Disney would be in how to control these issues. However, I do feel that a system such as this could be beneficial :D.

Aye, I do feel that the present system is effective! However, if combined in part along with this "system," how wonderful could it be for pirates inexperienced & unaware.

The point to be made is the need for more option.

Cpt. Sharksilver

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it's not a bad idea though it would be hard to set it up
Though it would be nice so then you can teach new players what you've learn in the game to them so then they know where to go at what level and where not to go etc etc. So then you can keep training them and have your own successor ( I probably went to far :eek:) So ya it be nice but as I said it would be hard to set it up.

Shamus The Brute

It's more than likely that over time & a matter of days...these "new" pirates fresh to the game would find a way to adjust. *I am just saying that an option for this type of help would be invaluable to them as they figure out a healthy way to play. For Disney, this system could slightly improve the retention rate of players whom remain basic.

idk. Just an idea that I had, lol.

Misty Moonlight

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Heheh! Wandering around lost, I always found the best stores to shop!

Tis a way for new players to make friends(can you help me?)and really learn the ins and outs of the game if they have to learn it on their own instead of following someone around and always getting healed. They sometimes become dependent instead of independent. Reward system huh? Just do it...ask if they need help. Where is that thought bubble? :D

Constance O'hara

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That is actually a really good idea, low levels could sign themselves up if they need help to learn the game and experienced pirates who really want the lower levels to learn the game could sign up and get gold rewards and maybe other cool things for it?

Will Nightwolf

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Not a bad idea. We already have the little pop ups that give us hints but there not all that helpful after you learn the basics.

Francis Gunshot

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I love the idea. I for one love seeing how happy new players and low lvs are when a high lv helps them or shows them around. I would be for this and would love to show new players around. I have done several trips to kings head with a crew of lv 10s and below we start at the dock and end up in the Kings head jail. They all love it. Thanks for coming up with the idea.

Tom O'fury

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Agrees. I'd sign up for this.. It could be a choice you make after you reach a certain point in the game.. Like after you get ur gun maybe?

Molly Ironscarlett

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i would sign up as a mentor for sure, i have in the past taught shown and for the most part in genral shown many a pirate the good and the bad ways of doing things... there are even a few here i have shown a few things....myself i thought i was the cat's meow when a founder took me under her wing and showed me... so yes i would be for this...nice signature btw Tom :D