The other day, I be at Romany Bev’s potion’s brewin’ table intendin’ to make me a potion to rid meself of “the groggy”. Been a-gettin’ that way a lot lately due to Jolly’s invasions… feels strange, makes it hard to focus… Well, back to this new potion. I seen on her list of brews that there be a new one. Something called “Pew-que’”I believe. So, I decided to give it a go.

Brewin’ it weren’t so bad. However, the smell… verra sulfuric, course I were on Padres, so might be the volcano I’d been smellin’. The colour was that of a landlubber’s face when upon the sea for the first time… verra green. I decided to make me 5 of ‘em.

Now I be not so sure it was me best decision ever made...

After finishin’ all 5 of the brew, I gave one a go. Well, the taste was verra strong… strange mix of sweet and sour and something else… rotten. I thought, might be somethin’ I’d have to get use to, like tryin’ grog for the first time. All a sudden, me stomach started doin’ a flip on me. Felt like me insides were tryin’ to get outside! Well, let’s say I lost me lunch… Though, come to think on it, could be Goslin’s stew might’a done me in when I visited him in Las Pulgas a’fore seein’ Romany…

Well, alls I can say is mind what ye brew. If you ye do decide to make that ‘Pew-que’, drink at yer own risk… and don’t be eatin’ Goslin’s stew either!