Video New Project: Porc's Table

Ahoy, everyone! I'm starting something really exciting. It's a project that I've been thinking about acting out for a while.

The YouTube channel, Porc's Table, is my new project. On this channel, I will be posting a lot of unique and interesting videos. The content will range from but not limited to game events, guides, news, topics, and updates and my opinions on them, reactions to drama, and podcasts with members from the community. I also want to use this channel as a platform for anyone with an idea in mind that wants to share it.

Above is a summary of what I hope to cover and make my channel into. By heading over to my channel and watching my videos, you can get a full idea. Down below, I will post updates on my channel and links to new videos.

Godspeed, Blink also known as Davy Plunderbones.