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The other day I was thinking of various ships and upgrades that accompany them. I eventually thought of the idea of why not having an upgrade that focuses on Broadsides? It would first upgrade your broadside count then on the final upgrade, which would be rather pricy, potentially replacing the broadside cannons with triple barrel cannons (maybe decreased damage in exchange for more shots).

The trade off would be immensely decrease speed and cargo space to accommodate the additional cannons, perhaps even an increased cannon reload time for broadsides to account for the increased cannon count.

It is just an idea of course.

Eric Sailcutter

Pirate Lord
Not a fan of your triple barrel idea but like the concept of broadsides upgrades. I would be for an upgrade that gives you an extra cannon and even a second level giving 2 extra cannons. I'm against decreasing cargo with such upgrades but agree some speed and/or turning, proportional to the attack increases, penalties are appropriate. I've also had the thought of having upgrades that give you different types of cannons, shorter range more damaging ones and longer range less damaging ones to choose from. Of course, with speed/turning penalties for heavier cannons. Also an upgrade adding 2 additional deck cannons, one each side, would be fun for those who sail with large crews.
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Yeah the reason why I said the triple barrel cannons is because I could've sworn there was a scene of the Dutchman having a couple triple barrel cannon spots along its hull, but fair enough there.