New Ships

Roger Sharkshot

Site Founder
wondering if anybody had screen shot of the new ships specially others besides the SOTL
screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-22.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-32.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-34.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-36.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-51.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-27-58.jpg screenshot_2010-08-03_23-32-02.jpg screenshot_2010-08-04_14-01-30.jpg screenshot_2010-08-04_14-01-33.jpg screenshot_2010-08-04_14-03-51.jpg
if only they were actually coming at this time i dont have hopes that its coming it might just end up like the kraken