Glitch  new weeds at ravens cove

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it was not a fake. at the time i think the lancher wasn't working and i had to log on the brouser. their were other things that were strange, like navy guys at the dock on tortuga and at the shipwright on the small beach on port royal. i am too cheap to pay for a program that could make fake pitures like that. it was just an other strange day on potco.:piratemickey:


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This happened when disney released 2 servers back in the game. There were dragoons replacing navy cadets on port royal... undead with guns, this, even saw a stump at cutthroat...
If theres any new servers back in the game.. DO EXPECT THIS.


LOL I have never used GIMP, my sister, who made my signature, says it's worthless and just like Microsoft Paint :/ I usually just use JASC paint shop pro 9 it is epic.
I find it better than paint. Thats how I made a few signatures. Also thats the program John uses :D