Event  New Year's Eve Party Recap!

Captain Redhorn

Site Founder
First I wanted to thank everyone for coming. We all had a great time, and got LOTS of experience!

Here are some screenshots!

And sorry but I forgot to do screenshots of us sailing and meeting up!

Here we are in the treasure room.

Here is Captain Starr getting revived, but I am wondering why is she wearing this new outfit?
Then Molly got RICH!
Here I tried to get everyone in the picture.
Then Bella started dancing in the warzone!

Then Meg joined the party.

Then Chris came and we beat Foulberto Smasho as a guild!
The next two are what Foulberto Smasho did to us.

After that they all did the Black Pearl but, my game disconnected, so I missed it. If you have any other screenshots of the party please post them! Happy New Year!

Charlotte Truebonney

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Wow, well done Captain! Looks like you planned an awesome party and everyone had a fun time. Sorry to have missed it, hopefully can catch your next one. :piratemickey:

Ben Cabingrin

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Nice shots everyone! too bad i missed it, my parents dont let me get on the computer long, like maybe an hour each day, and I sometimes cant get on weekends


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Here are some of my shots...
Happy New Year !! :party:
hehe, you know me and molly spiked those potions,:angel:....and i think i was the first, to give ya one,..i think you ended up with the most :drink:of the night, i swear i saw you jump 10 feet in the air one time,....that was one fun party, even got me to dancing,....:rumgone:


Site Founder
Awesome! Looks like you had alot of fun! Great pics!
Star I love your outfit treasure girl :p