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November Peddler Spotlight
Posted by Davy Doubloon

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God's bones, where has the month gone mates?! I swear t' ye I only went into the King's Arm and had one drink! One I tell you! That poxy little barmaid must of slipped me something, I thought my pockets felt lighter!

No matter, this month's offerings are sure t' line my pockets again...err I mean make ye look like a rich man or missus! We've probably already seen my wares, the Barony stolen straight from the aristocracy *cough* I mean lovingly reproduced in fine purple silk and gold thread. Also the Classic Corsair is available with its more subdued hues of gold and tan, for the more modest pirate that wants t' blend in, but stylishly.

Mates, don't forget my offerings from October are still only available until November 30th and it might be a whole year afore ye have another chance at those popular garments. So come visit me on Tortuga, or me other peddler brethren scattered on Port Royal, Cuba, and Padres del Fuego.

I'll be seeing ye again real soon, savvy? Until then mates, take what ye can, give nothing back!

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