:O Transfromers *SPOILER ALERT*

Captain Sharktooth

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I remember them from the really old Transformers series I used to watch, my uncle gave them to me. It was from when he was a kid. xD

I've seen all of them so I gotta go see the 3rd one soon....


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Yes, I just watched it, and I enjoyed it. Mostly because of it was an action-packed, big-bang-boom kind of movie. I've got my money worth for it, unlike Pirates of the Carribean 4 that made me fall asleep. In any movie, including this Transformers 3 that I enjoyed, I like 'sacrifices' though. There HAS to be some hero dies on it; it can't be just "the hero will win in the end, he'll get the girl, he'll get away barely scratched, everybody happy, all good". That would be so boring and predictable. So yea, I didn't like that they lost one friend, but it was kind of necessary that something had to be sacrificed.

I still agree with Basil though; I think this should be the last Transformers. They could not force it to get any better (storyline wise; their mother ship was going to invade the earth; what else could top that?), the special effects. Adding more sequel would be forcing it; and it could very well go downhill and erase the good impression we already have right now with the good sequel.

Jade Wildfury

i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i loved the cartoon as well as a kid.. tho i liked beast wars better... i hope they make that one into a movie