Of Rogues And Riches: Chapter Ii The Story Of Jade O'hayes

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
On a silent shore, far from the noise and the smell of bilge of Tortuga, Jade O’Hayes gathered driftwood. She silently hummed various shanties she learned over the years. The rest of her crew was either drunk at the various taverns or asleep on the famed ship of Elusive Treasures, a pirate whose head was worth more than a Spanish treasure ship. For years Jade was her first mate and friend.
They met five years ago when Jade, escaping a marriage, made her way to Bristol from her little house in Ireland. Her fiancé, Abe, was a fat man who owned a piggery in Dublin and was a drunk. This was his best quality in Jade’s opinion, who could drink more rum than any man. What really scared her was something completely different. One night after planning their vows over a tankard of ale, the two were completely drunk. After stumbling back to her little cottage, Abe lied on her bed and gave out a chorus of drunken love songs to his bride-to-be. Jade giggled and danced to them in a chaotic jig. She lied next to him on the bed and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her.
Just as Abe was about to pass out from his binge-drinking night, he whispered, "You’ll make a good wife. We’ll be together forever."
Jade stifled her laugh at the thought. What did he say? she thought. Forever? That’s certainly a long time. Before she could come to some rational conclusion, the amounts of ale catch up with her and she fell into a sea of sleep.
In her dreams she was giving an omen of her future. First she was at the meadow on the day of her wedding. She wore her white dress, the same one her mother had. Abe wore a vicious smile that showed off his collection of chins. The crowd applauded behind them and threw birdseed in celebration. Abe hugged her and suddenly the dream shifted.
Jade could feel herself grow older and fatter. Her tired back ached and crow’s feet appeared by her eyes. Several cries came from her feet. She looked down to find ten screaming children crying for food. Abe stood by her and sipped his beer. He pattered her stomach lightly and smiled.

"What?" said Jade in reply.
"Don’t you remember we have another one on the way?" chuckled Abe.
Jade screamed and again her dream shifted. She was back in her bed but something was different. Cobwebs were scattered in every corner. Her joints ached even more. She rose from her bed but found it hard to move. She balanced herself but screamed and fell as she looked in to the mirror, a crone stared back. She was now as fat as her husband that laid by her snoring loudly. Her hair was bone white and her wrinkles were as numerous as the sand in a beach.
"I’m ancient," she said breathlessly.
She screamed in fear and tried to run (which took much stumbling until she grabbed a cane that was placed in the corner) and ran out into the dark night. She bumped into the night watchman on her way out.
"Mrs. Jameson, what are you doing out here?" said the watchman.
"Out of me way sonny!" said Jade
But as she looked into the eyes of the watchman they began to change and for the first time that night she felt lighter. She looked at her body and screamed again. She was now a corpse. She felt as if she was in a coffin, for the dark space she laid was tight and dank. She looked down to her left a recoiled in horror. Abe, now just a corpse as well, smiled and said, "Together forever!"
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OMG! You are MEAN!!! I LOVE IT! Not the part that I was pictured as fat ... :rolleyes: ... but that it was a wild dream!
My favorite was "Forever? That's certainly a long time." I could so ... relate to that ... :D She's better get away from him ... with a hard blow of a rum bottle on his head, if it needs be.

Now could you please get a better looking man for her? Jk ... :p
Up to you, your story is amazing as it is! :excited:
Lol oh dear I like it :) its the whole rum thing cuz I accused u of stealing it yesterday lol