Of Rogues and Riches: Chapter III Sea of Hate

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
The two pirates landed on the small, rocky island leaving there frightened crews behind. No one, not even their captains wanted to meet the beast that haunted the caves on the island.
"You got your pistol?" said Foulroberts.
"Aye! The same little bugger he gave me," said Cabingrin.
The two walked slowly up the beach to meet untill they made it to the entrence of the cave. Torches burned brightly outside, to let everyone no he was there.
"Are you sure he is avaiable? He's not trustworthy," said Cabingrin.
"He's barely human. Yet we don't have a choice now, do we?" said John Foulberts.
The two men knew the grave situation that faced them. Captain Walter, the infamous pirate, plans to lead them in an attack against the East India Trading Company on the Coast of Padres. They both thought that even with their combined efforts (plus the help of the pirate Elusive Treasures), they will still succumb to the Company. Ben and John thought having other pirates with them will sweeten their efforts. They plan to get help from a Pirate Lord.
And they even knew one.

The two slowly moved down the dank, stone corridor arrive in a room full of treasure. Gold and silver laid in piles and rubies and emeralds were scattered around the room. Ben quickly pocketed some of these riches but he then felt a hairy claw, jump on his back.
"Ah! Filthy demon!" he shouted and tried to shoot his pistol at the mysterious beast.
John chuckled as a monkey chattered around them.
"Stupid mongrel," said the embaressed Ben.
"Ye still shoot like a drunken wench, Ben," said a new, dark voice.
The pirates turned to face a man dressed in black. They were in awe as they saw Hector Barbossa, Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea.
"What are ye rats want?" said Barbossa.
John cooly replied, "Seeing the world, mate. Also to welcome you back on your recent ressurection from the Land of the Dead."
The resserected pirate was brung back to life after his archenemy, Jack Sparrow, shot him and left him in Isla de Mureta. Through voodun powers, Tia Dalma brought him back to life. He was supposed to now live in the Dank bowels of Devil's Anvil, hiding from Jack Sparrow, and arming pirates for what Tia Dalma predicts to be a great War Against Piracy.
"Your kindness is noted but not cared for, Master Foulroberts," said Barbossa, who pet his pet monkey. "What is the real reason your here?" he said.
"Apparently a new battle is approaching," said Ben, tired of being indirect, "and the use of a few Pirate Lords are very appreciated."
"Even the whole Brethern Court would suffice," said John eagerly.
Barbossa stared at them for a moment and turned to the chest of cursed Aztec gold. The gold used to curse Barbossa and his entire crew into skeletons but after his resurection, Barbossa was freed of the unholy curse. "The whole Court will not come for a mere Caribbean squander." At this he took out his pistol and his monkey leaped from his shoulder.
"Okay! Understood!" said John as he urged Ben to leave. "We'll leave you to brood and scheme in the dark."
A shot rang out making the pirates scream. For a moment, the two thought they were dead but then realize Barbossa was only shooting at his monkey.
"Oh that's right," said Ben, "the little bugger is still cursed, eh?"
Barbossa chuckled at there discomfort. "That's not to say your journey here was worthless. A few miles from here are two islands..."
" Isla De La Avaricia and Ile D'Etable De Porc," finished Ben.
"Aye. They hire privateers to fight in the name of Spain or France. Many pirates escaping the British Crown, escape there to recieve there privateering liscenes."
"What does this have to do with the Pirate Lords?" questioned John.
"Quiet yourself, Master Foulroberts, or my pistol will," snarled the pirate, "Now recently the islands are recieveing help from two ruthless enemies. The Pirate Lords Villenauva and Chevalle now fly the flags of there countries to help gain land for their nation."
"There pirates, why would they do that?" said Ben, daring to speak.
"Say what you will about that French swine Chevalle or that boorish oaf Villenauva, but they both are patriots. They would never sink a ship of there own country. Besides, they hope to retire into aristocrastory after their roving years."
"So all we do is convince them to fight with us? Easy!" said Ben.
"Not at all, Benjamin," shooked Barbossa, " Villenauva and Chevalle are the two bitter rivals and will do anything to see the other one die. If you even get them together, they will just start fighting."
"What do you suppose we do?" said John.
Barbossa thought for a long moment before replying, "Sail to Isla De La Avaricia and seek out a man name Hildago. If I know him, he will be bartering with seaman named Pedro del Mar. Hildago once sailed with Villeneava, so he can help ye there. Think ye idjits can remeber that?"
"Aye," replied John with a grin. Finally this didn't feel like a fool's errand to him.
"Thank you very much, Hector," said Ben as he started out the door.
Barbossa grunted at the sound of his name but the pirates didn't care. They hurried back to the ships and barked orders to make sail to Isla De La Avaricia. They knew they could make there in a day's sail.
Little did they know a ship name the Predator followed them.
To be continued...
I LOVE it! I never knew the connections between those privateers ... much less the entire story. Thanks a lot for the enlightment! :excited:
Admiral Camber, captain of the Predator, was tired. After a hard week of sailing, his crew faced a deadly swell, that turn there sails to Isla de la Avarica, miles from the docks of their destination. To make matters worse, Camber spied a ship flying the black flag.
Pirates, he thought.
The honorable Engilshmen snarled at the sight of a pirate. He made it his mission in life to hang, drown or otherwise kill any pirate he saw. When the pirate ship turned to Avarica, his anger died down to intrigue. The East India Trading Company believed that a Spanish comoodore hired pirates as unliscened privateering to fight for the glory of Spain. But these illeagal acts have never been proven, but Camber now ventured to find out.
He now sat in the poorly constructed fort of Avarica himself, as he poured rum down his throat.
"Good afternoon sir," said Camber poliety. He didn't want to upset the Spainard knowing political and military power Spain had in the Caribbean. In times of peace, England and Spain had to maintain an awkward relationship filled with tension.
"Hola Admiral Camber," said Spainard, "How can we help you here?"
"This morning I caught a glimpse of a pirate ship heading for your island home. We thought we should warn you."
Garcia de Avarica was no fool. He knew the Englishmen suspected him of dabbiling with pirate scum. He was right on that part. Avarica's island used to filled with the best sailors, captains and a complete garrison. Yet after months of the French's cannon fire, Avarica's men perhished leaving only a dozen or so men to fend for themselves. Fortunatley a pirate ship appeared the next day and help fight off the French ships until Avarica could recoup. Since then, pirates were welcome on the Spanish Isle and when the French heard about this scheme as well, they employed pirates too.
Avarica calmly gulped down another tankard of rum and replied, "Thank you for your worries, Admiral Camber, but you won't find a single pirate here. Feel free to stay and resupply if you like, but I warn sir, the French may attack at anytime. It is best to leave soon, understand?"
Camber nodded and left the fort. He planned to stay tonight and leave the next morning. And if he were able to find the pirate rascals, all the more better.

John Foulroberts and Ben Cabingrin, stepped into Avrica's Tavern, leaving there ship moored off by dozens of other Spanish ships. Music and drunken laughter filled the room like an orchestra of pirate melodies.
John took out his silver pistol and took a shot at the ceiling.
The pirvateers looked up alarmed and took out their weapons.
"Probably not a good idea, John," said Ben.
"You think?" he replied in a whisper.
As the privateers stood up and march towards them, John yelled, "We are in the search of a Mr. Hildago. Is Hildago present?"
"Si!" replied a snakey voice.
A thin man in a simple tricorn stepped forward. His khol-rimmed eyes stared daggers as them and the half naked man stood with a Spanish tattoo on his chest.
"What is it you Brits want?" he said.
Ben tried to give a charming smile and said, "We heard ye know a mate named Villenauea."
Whispers ran rampant among the crowd in the tavern.
"Si, I sailed with the man for years. We parted ways last month," he replied.
"Surely that parting could be mended, eh?" said John.
"What is it your talking about?" Hildago said. He didn't trust Englishmen, nor English pirates.
John and Ben quickly told them of the upcoming Battle of Padres and the benifical use of Pirate Lords. They even told them about their meeting with Barbossa but left out he part of the devil-monkey.
Hildago was skeptical for a moment but then said, "What is in it for me?" The crowd began to disperse and go back to their drinking.
"Revenge on the Company? Helping the pirates with a noble cause?" tried Ben.
Hildago was unmoved.
"Rum," declared John.
"Rum?" asked Hildago.
"Rum?" asked Ben.
"Tell me Hildago," said John slowly, "Ever been to a tavern in the hands of Goslin Prymme?"
"No," Hildago said.
"I understand," John continued, "Few have ever been to it, seeing that it is in the wickedest part of Padres del Fuego. It is said curse pirate captain left his minion, Darkheart, to terroize the decrippeted town."
Ben smirked. He knew John was a great actor.
"Well only the bravest soul venture there for one reason alone. To taste the wonderous taste of rum brewed by Mr. Pyrmme himself."
Hildago eyes wided at the sound of this mystical rum.
"If you are willing to help us, Mr. Hildago, Iwill personally sprint to the tavern an fetch you Pyrmme's finest bottle, this I swear!"
Hildago breathed deeply and said, "I shall then help you... but on one condition. I shall not be known as Hildago for it will be damaging to my reputation as a Spainard working with a Brit."
"Then what should we call you?" asked Ben.
"I'll shorten my name!" he said, "Call me, Captain Hi!"
To be continued...
LOVE it! Very creative! I never knew the connections between events and places, and your story sounds good to me. :excited:
lol nice job though i still think i could crack a little bit more of a joke with that rum:drink: sry cant go a day without making a joke i give u a round of applause though
lies!!!!!! cammie isnt polite u made him sound to nice.. make someone shoot him :D
Captain Hildago, now rechristened to Captain Hi, led John and Ben deep into the tropical jungle. They move quickly pass the woodcutter, Chipmartin, and went futher into the jungle until they came to a seaside cliff. On it, was a short, stocky fellow, overlooking a map and downing a bottle of red wine.
"Evening senor," said Hi.
"What do you want?" growled the pirate.
Hi paled. Captain Hi did not fear many things in life but terror always grasped his heart every time the Pirate Lord stared at him.
"Senor, these Englishm-" he stopped, knowing Villenauva's distaste for England as much as the French. "These pirates have a buisness propsition for you..."
John and Ben, nodding at their cue, walked out to confront the old pirate.
"Sir," said Ben, "We have a mission for you. We heard from Barbossa-"
"Barbossa? He's alive?" said Villenauva, "Saints be praise! Tell me what news you bring from him, for I'll be sure to help!"
"That's great!" said John, not knowing he would get this lucky.
"As long as it has nothing to do with that swine Chevalle..." he finished.
John and Ben sighed. They knew it wasn't going to be that easy. All pirates have heard of the two Pirate Lord's legendary rivalry. They always have been enemies for an unknown reason. Together they vowed to see the other sink benath the waves into the oblivion of the seas.
"Villenauva, my dear," said John, trying to use his persuasion again, "A war is coming. The East India Trading Company plans to rid pirates from the waters of Padres del Fuego. A Spanish island I might add."
"Si? And you want me to help?" said the Pirate Lord, with a raise eyebrow, "Very well then! I'll prepare the Centurion immeadatley."
"Of course a pirate mighty as you can take out dozens of Company ships!" continued John quickly, "But I fear there may be hundreds-"
"A tough challenge yes, but not to mighty for me!" boomed Villenauva.
"But to lessen the challenge we thought joining forces with a old collegue of yours..."
Villanueva thought for a moment before saying, "Who then? Jocard? Teague? I'd take Sparrow just not..."
Villanueva stared at them for a moment and his eyes widened. Hi gulped and readied to run.
"No! I shall not go with Chevalle! I will stab him the moment that cur comes out of hiding!"
"Oh he's not hiding," said Ben, still having his nerve, "Haven't you heard? He's on Porc's island plotting to kill you."
Villanueva reddened. His rage shook his old body and he hollered loud enough to wake the whole island, "Perpare the Centurion! We sail to kill Chevalle, that old horse!"
Villanueva stormed off before shouting at the pirates, "You three with me! We sail at first light!"
The three stood back, shocked that they just instigated war between two of the most bloodthirstiest Pirate Lords in the world.
"This is not good," mumbled Hi.
"It's bloody awful!" declared John.
"Well we can't just let them kill each other! We need to stop them!" said Ben.
"Not just the Pirate Lords..." said Hi as he looked out to the sea. He pointed to a rocky archepligo of islands that dotted the sea. For a brief moment the pirates saw a sleek sloop flying a Union Jack sail behind an island.
Foulroberts took out his spyglass and gasped, "It's the Predator. Who captains that? Bingham?"
"I wish that fool did," said Ben putting his hands on his head, "A bloke named Camber is in charge of that vessal. We be in bigger trouble then we thought."
"They seem to moor behind those islands, waiting for us," said Hi.
"They won't have a long wait, mates," Ben sighed. "Villanueva plans to sail with us tomarrrow right?"
"Until then, we wait and perpare for the battle at hand," said Hi. He didn't care about these pirates he just met. If the situation turned dire, he would just be out for himself. Godspeed, he thought as he stared gravley at them.