O'fury's Court

Tom O'fury

Notorious Pirate
Hello Me fellow Pirates!

Most of you probably know who i am by now. I'm Tom O'fury Guildmaster of O'fury's Court. We've been together as a guild for almost 2 years. We have currently 300+ Active members. This guild is not like the others you see roaming around full of drama and problems. We're here for one thing. To ensure a nice community to play Pirates Online. We've got members of all sorts of ages. If you wish to find out more about our guild then please feel free to visit us at any of our sites. If you wish to join our guild then please post below. Inculding the name of your pirate,lvl,and the guild you are moving from. I look forward to allowing a new community a sneek peak into the works of O'fury.

Here is the O'fury guild rules and regulations. Keep in mind that our guilds are not only from Disney's Pirates Of the Caribbean Online. Edits and Additions will be added here to keep those that are interested up to date. If you have any questions concerning our rules or regulations feel free to pm me here and i'll try to return your pm as soon as possible. Please Enjoy reading our rules and regulations.

Here is the Text if you cannot read it on our picture.

Overview : Guilds reaching across multiple online games that our community has interests in. To Create an O’fury Guild you will need to request permission from the main O’fury (Tom O’fury – POTCO) Any other person attempting to create guild using the O’fury name will be asked to close guild/change name. If they do not respond to our request we will make sure everyone on all our communities that that guild is not ours.
Goal : Our overall goal with our guilds is to create a place for those that want a friendly safe place to play with family and friends. Doing so all our work is strictly E Rated if it is posted on any of our communities using foul language or other unnecessary things will be removed and the user removed from all guilds. This is a place for all ages. We range from 8-98 any and all types of gamers are accepted.
Rules :
· We request there is no sharing of personal/account information with others this can lead to harm to you and affect your position in our guilds.
· There is no use of foul language of any kind in guild chat or by our guild members. We are very strict on this rule.
· If you want respect and positions in guild show us your ready by helping out and showing respect to others in guild. “If you want respect, be the first to show it”
· Please stay by the ‘E’ Rating for all graphic art creations, videos, guild chat, etc.
· Most Importantly have fun!
Regulations : (these are not required)
· Say hello to those that come online to show that you actually care that they are in guild.
· Try to help out as much as you can. I am one person and the few officers we have can’t do all the work.
· If you must say ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ you can but we all just like to play games like you so there is no real need for it. (Granted I have a few determined to call me sir)
· Our guild colors are Red and Black – POTCO and Blue and Yellow – SWTOR

Welcome to The O’fury’s Guilds.

Stay tuned for the next segment explaining our guildsite. ( This is not a forums site and is not asking for new members it is stritcly for use of Pirates inside O'fury's Court or invited as honored guests.)
Igor say Ahoy mate!! Igor is very happy to see that O'Fury's Court has joined us here mates!!
Igor say Ahoy mate!! Igor is very happy to see that O'Fury's Court has joined us here mates!!

It be just me. I don't plan on bringing O'Fury's Court aboard here but it may change. I'll send you a pm about our offical O'fury's Court website we'd be honored to have you has a guest of honor.

Today marks a very important day for O'fury's Court. Our new Head Officer has just taken office. She will be expected to help out, Run, improve O'fury's Court. Shes also expected to run events, keep our forums up to date, Keep the site rolling, and anything else that needs to be done. We'd like to all congraulate her on her new rank! Congraulations Elizabeth O'fury! Well Earned!
Now that i've let ya have a glimpse into what we are if theres any questions please feel free to ask. We're activly recruiting. Always nice to see a new face.
O'fury's guilds has 3 online guilds. We have one on Pirates of course with around 300 members. We also have a starting guild on LOTRO (not a clue how many are there i don't run it my mate does). Our last guild is on Star Wars the Old Republic Pre-release program which allows me to prepare a guild to be placed in-game the second the servers go live. There we have about 10 members from other games. We accept applications for a set-up in other online games as well but these are the only ones we have.

(We have a test guild too if that counts :p)
Look forward this weekend as we release info about our ranks and positions inside the court!

Guild Ranks! :flag:

Guildmaster - Leader Of the Guild. Me! :D

Co- GM - Francis Lockroberts has been in guild since the very beginning has planned events. Helps to run the guild and anything that O'fury's Court does hes there. ( Only 1 person can be a co-gm)

High Court Officer - These are the leaders of the court. They run events and take care of troublesome mates. They are elected by the community or placed in by GM or Co-GM. The only other way of being placed other than that is doing something great for O'fury's Court.

Officer - They help the guild keep control over the members. They make sure the rules are followed and nobody cause problems. They are the drama destoryers ;)

Veteran - An Officer in training that is learning the ropes of how to be an Officer. This is the first step into becoming a leader of O'fury's Court.

Member - A member is someone who is accepted into O'fury's Court and is loyal and dedicated to O'fury's Court.

Prospect - Someone interested in joining O'fury's Court that is just tip-toeing around in the guild to see if they like it. (not many of these most fall in love the moment they step in)

These are all of O'fury's Court ranks. I hope you enjoy learning more about this elite guild.
O'fury's Court is nearing the end of our Second year and with that many events shall be coming up and many a pirates should be seen there. I will post reveiws of our Events here but dates and times will not be posted on this page. Can't wait for our Second Anniversary we have some very 'special' things planned for that time. Not even the guild knows our plans only the leaders know anything at all about our 'special' ideas... ;)
Hey, congrats on your second year being done! You seem to have a good strong guild going here, so keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing you out in the game.
Think you have what it takes to win a whole month free of unlimited access? You'll need a sharp mind and even faster sails. This will be a race around the island then a search when you port.

Its pretty simple. Follow the map below in the race track. Then when you port there will be a pirate at the docks with a riddle. Find out the riddle and find the hidden pirate!

June 4th at 6pm EST

Good Luck me Mateys!

(This event is only open to O'fury's Court members me apologies mates.)
We do need people to cheer our mates on though! Come join us in the fun and festivites afterwards! This will double as our Summer Bash!

Funding by Davy Greaseflint. Thanks for the donation! I'm sure it will be a lovely event!

Map = Red is the Start
Blue is the finish

POTCO Event.png