Ok This Is Extremely Random But Here I Go...

Which is better Fire or Ice?

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I used to like the cold, but I dislike it now .. and hot I just can't tolerate.. and PIE, makes you fat.... so I am gonna go with SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!
Due to the fact that I am so indecisive, I guess I choose "both." Especially during a muscle injury :chill::cursing: !
Anyway, this thread reminds me of a FUNNY story I cannot believe I am about to tell.

~ Once upon a time...
...I awoke in the morning, but not well-rested from the evening before.
As I got out of bed to prepare for the day...
...I entered the bathroom to "brush my teeth."
Still sleepy & "crusty"-eyed, & morning hair going everywhere...
...I reached down for my tooth brush.
With one hand holding the tooth brush...
...the other hand reach "accidentally" for the tube of...
...PREPARATION H :excited: !!!!