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Bring back the old Port Royal?

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Wiked Plunder

Recently, I've been missing the old Port Royal, due to how much it resembles the one in the movies, and it's overall design. Kingshead was also much more "realistic", with big open space before the gates, and more area inside. So, I was think maybe POTCO could make two sides to the island: One side the one there is now with invasions, and the other side old Port Royal, with no invasions. Why no invasions? The old Port Royal just doesn't suit invasions, with limited open space. So, what do you think?


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Which movie (1, 2, 3 or 4)? I didn't know the Old Port Royal ... other than from screenies in here. So whatever works and looks good is fine with me, I personally agree with expansion. Port Royal right now is kind of small and crowded.
I loved old Port Royal! I remember the big hill leading up to Fort Charles and there were Cadets and Guards patrolling around in the main town. There was even a practice dummy outside Will's warehouse! And the little graveyard!! I met my first friend in the graveyard! OMG and the little empty building across from the shipwright!! That was my guild's meeting place!


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I loved the old Port Ryoal. But then again, I loved the old Padres too. On the other hand, I these new islands have grown on me as well. Lots of memories in both. Have they ever change Cuba? They havent since I have been playing.

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I personally miss the Old Port Royal!! The tiny dock.... Walking up the hill to Fort Charles.... Walking though the small shortcut tunnel in the town... Actually having guards IN the town... The 3 shops in a row in front of the dock... So much I miss about it!! I was actually talking about this with one of my friends in-game yesterday!! I was thinking they could bring back the old islands and letting you quest either on the old one or the new one. I actually found a really neat video yesterday showing some of the old islands!! I personally think its a really good video! :)
A video of the Old Tortuga
A 4 part video tour of Port Royal... I could only find Part 1
If you all find more videos post them!! I wanna see 'em!!
That would be awesome! But we have to remember.. Disney can't even keep the site up anymore without having issues (like the other day.) .. They're having WAY to many problems. My vote is yes, but I want Disney to get their mess under control first. ;)


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They HAD to know.that it was only a matter of time before players got sick of the same islands, and wanted new surroundings. Even with the addition of RC, pirates now are getting thirsty for something new on the seas...

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EITC destroyed the islands?? Thats their poor excuse??? We could of fought them off -.-
The islands were reset in order to make the game run faster and smoother, there was an actual purpose. And also they needed more free space for the invasions, on the old islands, there wasn't more than one place for enemies to come trough. Although I miss them and would love to have them back, if it gives me less problems I'm happy. And it has.


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I was never playing POTCO when they still had the old Port Royal so i don't really know what it was like other than from the screenshots posted of it on this forums.
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