Old Spice Man

By they way, the first video (bathrooom to boat to horse) was all one shot. Absolutely none of that is faked, except for the diamonds and the bottle coming up from the diamonds

that's really cool. :)
EDIT (Dec 24, 2010 8:31 PM):
Sorry ... I just don't get it ;). Maybe it's just me; brainy kind is the coolest! :p

i didn't know there as anything thing to get. :))
EDIT (Dec 24, 2010 8:31 PM):
Well if only Aussie men were like that !!!! And i love his deep voice, it gave me goose bumps:p

Whats sick is when I was a little kid I use to get my dad old spice .... mainly because it has a picture of ships on the bottle... now I am the one that gets it...lol.... my daughter jokes about the swagger.

haha yea i remember getting it for my dad also for Christmas when i was little, i dont even know if we have it in shops over here anymore, ill have a look next time im out.