Question On audiobooks


If you've listened to an audio book, could you claim you have read it's novel? I guess you have taken in the same information than a reader, but listening isn't the same thing.

What's your opinion on audiobooks?

James Fireskull

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Audiobooks are good for people who are too busy to sit down and read or who just aren't good readers but I personally would rather sit down and read a book. It's hard for me to "see" the story if I'm just listening to it.


Not a fan of audio books, but if someone tells me to read a book on something, I will check if there's an audio version first. Hearing the story is much better and faster.

I read only about technology, so even if I want to, I can't use audio books, because there's none. (Should be obvious why.)
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I listen to audio books if they are absurdly long stories... such as Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons.

Grace O Maille

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I know someone that travels a lot for work, she listens to audio books in the car while she's driving....I can understand the advantages in that situation.

For me personally I would lump audio books into the same category as the vast array of handheld electronic gadgetry that is around these days for reading 'books'. They aren't books, I don't like them.

When I read, holding the book in my hand, the scent of the paper, turning the pages...these small things are part of the experience that I treasure and can never be replaced by other means. .....if it doesn't have physical pages, it's not a book in my opinion. A story yes, but not a book.

A book snob :)


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I enjoy reading... Pretty much for the same reasons Grace has given. That being said, If I'm way too tired I'll happily listen to a good audiobook - and let my mind take in the story. It's (to me) almost like a guided meditation. I will still be able to 'see' what is occurring, and it's still an enjoyable experience. Most of the time though, I find myself wanting to read the book afterwards - just to (let's say) Tweak the imagination a little further, and get the full experience for myself. But no... If you hear it... You haven't read it. ~ Rascal.
I have talked to people that are so busy that the only thing they have time for is an audiobook in the car. I take that as a win considering they could watch Netflix or something with their free time. I love to read a physical book, but sometimes I don't have space in my bag for a book. I'm forced to use my phone. If I had a choice, I would read real books all day every day. But sometimes you don't have a choice. I hope this helped and happy reading!

Solomon Warshot

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I think so. Reading a book to me has always meant being able to show a comprehensive understanding of what happened during the book if you can get that from an audiobook then you have clearly read the book just as much as I have. I think it's somewhat silly to hold some sort of line between the qualifications of having read a book between book and audiobook just because of the different ways that they got the information.

The ultimate goal of all of it is to get people into enjoying the worlds and content created by the authors no matter the platform so that we can all enjoy and talk about it with each other so my overall opinion is that it doesn't matter as long as the person can show they know what they are talking about.