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On the Horizon: Mayhew's Meeting Room
Posted by Sir Victor Mayhew

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Is there really a need for a discussion, mate? If a refined pi… person of business… like yourself, needs a proper place to host a special meeting or private gathering, what better place is there?

Yes its true, when I was part of Marceline Guild, I sailed with buccaneers from all places and classes of life, but never did I lose my taste for the finer things.

And you, pirate, should not have to either.

That’s why I created this space. Mayhew’s Meeting Room. First, it has me as your host, Sir Victor Mayhew. Witty, charming and musically talented.

The room is occupied with elegant handcrafted furniture, adorned with fine art and offers an excellent service of food and drink. The King of Spain himself would feel right at home...

My door is always open, but expect a crowd. My grand opening is soon, and I expect high demand.

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