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Recruiting Order Of Osiris

Maximus Redwaters

Order Of Osiris is a very relaxed community that has light and easy rules to follow. We do events with other guilds and just relax in game help each other when we can no level limit. We have open Officer positions open too not a hard spot to get to as well. We hold a community in game of 480 to 500 players and our discord is active as well we would love to have you in our community. >Easiest way to contact me is through discord Martin The Mad#5883 G&G And OoO (4).PNG
G&G And OoO (4).PNG


Grace death

Sea Legs
This is a guild that not only has fun but helps just starting out pirates learn an make there way through also we do lots of guild events for all low lv high lv the GM with the help of co-gm’s an officers an all pirates for that matter makes the adventure of being a pirate come alive every see a guild member stop an say hi I’m grace death one of the co-gm