OST Movie Discussion Warning: spoilers!!!

Captian Fear

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:ahoy:Hi there mates! I was wondering if anyone wanted to discuss OST here. This would the only place for spoilers if you want. You can post questions comments or critques on the film. If you don't want to here the this then just dont look on here. So who's up for it?


The mermaids were awesome - I would love to be able to summon a mermaid in the game or have an island with mermaids - just really enjoyed the fresh characters! Jack was super funny as always and overall I'd say Movie 1 and 4 are definitely my favorites.

Captian Fear

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Jack was a little... perverted? Like really racy jokes in that one. And Angelica.... she wasn't so Disney clean.
*thinks back to Jack and Angelica dancing on the ship (sigh)

Blackbeard was excellant! The scene when he died was just pure amazment. I didn't seen it in 3D but now I wish I did.

The only beef I have with the movie was the Spanish (they were annoying. They came across the Alantic just to blow up the Fountain? Really unesscary). Also the ambigous ending with Philip and Syrena. What happened after that! Also I hoped Angelica would be with Jack but no he have to maroon her. And I was disapointed that Jack didn't get the full-fledged Pearl. That's the main reason I was excited for this movie.

But other than that; PURE AMAZMENT!


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I've watched it twice now. Simply awesome movie. I loved how Ian McShane portrayed Blackbeard. His "intro" walking out with the ends of his beard braids smoking like cigars. When the glass box breaks and Syrena's tail morphs into legs, and he's like "You will walk." "I can't." "Walk or die." Then after Philip picks her up..."Don't fall behind." He just nailed the role with his expressions and vocal patterns, for the SOB I would imagine Blackbeard would be. I was the only person to laugh both times when he goes, "Mermaids are tough." And uh, the little teaser after the credits with that voodoo doll...gives them some fun opportunity in the next one. I had no problem with Angelica :D


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I loved the ending with Barbossa with Blackbeard's "now Barbossa's" sword. He's like let's go Full Sail! Kablaam!! *ships goes super fast* I hope it isn't the end of Barbossa. The ending after the credits was interesting. Is Angelica really pregnant and if so with "Captain Jack Sparrow's" son/daughter? and WHY wasn't the Black Pearl freed from the bottle can't you just open it and throw it? I didn't realize you could shrink ships with a voodoo sword like Blackbeard's lol. All in all, 1 and 4 are my favorites. I didn't hate 2 and 3, I just felt like 1 and 4 were better to get you know? :):fight:

Kate Goldwalker

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So, here are the questions:
1. How do you get those ships out of the bottles?
2. Where is Philip and Syrena?
3. What will Angelica do with the Jack voodoo doll?
4. Will Barbossa finally control the seas with the Sword of Triton and the QAR?
5. What secrets dose the Sword of Triton hold?
6. Will there be a 5th movie?

Here is my thoughts of what to do for the next movie: Bring back Calypso, she will know about the Sword of Triton and how to get the Pearl out of the bottle. Angelica will torture Jack and make him come get her off that island. Barbossa will become the pirate that all pirates will fear. No idea about a plot, lol. ;)

Loved when Balckbeard first entered the movie with the smoking beard. Ian McShane was the perfect choice for that role.
I dont think Angelica is pregnant. I think that was one of her lies. Keep in mind, she is the only pirate who can go toe to toe with Jack. She did learn from the best after all.
I'm glad they brought a romance into the movie with Philip and Syrena and it is really bothering me that we have no idea what happened to them.
During the scene where Jack and Barbossa are tied to the coconut trees, I was visually imagining how that scene would play out in Lego Pirates. Will be too funny tring to get that little lego guy up the tree and catapult to the next one, lol!

James O'martin

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The answer to your 6th question is Yes, there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean: 5. They sent the script to Disney or to someone to approve it. The only problem is Johnny Depp wants to wait, which I agree with him because he sort of wants to "preserve" his character of Captain Jack Sparrow. I mean we don't want these movies to come every single year like the "Saw" movies did every Halloween do we? We want to wait a few years then we can see Captain Jack Sparrow again. Also, I have Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean The Video game and the scene is rather funny and entertaining. :) :fight:I felt like some film/movie soundtrack music that was used in some scenes for example: when Captain Jack Sparrow escapes, his meeting with then "Privateer Barbossa" when he is on the chandelier.